The Impeachment Hearings are looking like a episode of Divorce Court, Kanye West is now joining a force of missing Black folk in the Sunken Place to form a Supercoon Volton, a new coronavirus has made its way from China to Seattle, AB is reminding me of the breakdown Laurence “LT” Taylor had in the late 1980’s, and people are Power Ranger dragging Tyler Perry about wigs, props and 5-day movies! It is only JANUARY!

Let’s get it!

#TylerPerry #Netflix #AFallFromGrace #AllTheFreeAdvertising #FUBU #MovieMaking #HereItGo #BlackMoviesMatter #BlackWritersMatter

First off, I have not seen A Fall From Grace. The way the world drug Tyler Perry over these wigs, shooting schedule, and these props in the film. But, here’s the killer part: y’all watched it.

Y’all watched it! Most people subscribe to some sort of streaming service; Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Disney+. And the impact is two-fold. One: y’all subscribe to one of these services. You paid for the service, and the movie was released to a this service. Then, second of all—y’all watched. You hate watched. You watched and laughed. You watched and had a reaction. The game is this—he still got paid.

He still got paid.

He still is making mogul movies.

The check still came to him on two fronts: front and back. He signing checks, making moves, and still getting this paper. With that—wigs or nall—focus, y’all.

Write. Make space. Trip not.

#Coronavirus #Contagions #Epidemics #SeeThere #DiseasesKillPeople #Dystopic #Apocalyptic #RealLifeShouldNotBeBasedOnResidentEvil

On NPR this morning, the fearing, colonizing public is worried about the coronavirus becoming an epidemic on US shores.

Man. Look. Here.

I grow tired of explaining microbiology to people. Coronaviruses are common–deadly, but common. They are spread like most viruses are. This panic in the media about this is making my head hurt. It truly is! And it has this tinge of xenophobia within it. This country was built on usurpation, racism and pestilence!

Wash your hands. Believe in science. And read more.


#AntonioBrown #NFL #Life #Meltdowns #AB #DoingTheMost #WhatThe #RememberLT #MoneyCashHoes

Bruh! I cannot deal with what the hell is going on with Antonio “Hustle Backward” Brown. This week—this week!—he barricaded himself in his house to stop from being arrested on a battery charge.

I am old enough to remember LT, and how good a football player he was—and how crazy his drug hinges were. How detrimental his antics were! I don’t know what it is about this White girl-Cocaine-fame nexus spins some Black athletes off their axis—but this is trifling! This is sad! This is the most bogus, silly isht. I’d laugh if it wasn’t sad.

Bruh, I cannot with this dude. Do not ask the Magical Black Girl Collective to send a delegate to rescue this dude! We is not finna do it! In 2020, Black women are taking care of ourselves first! We are not about to keep giving up self and time and energy for hypertoxic/masculine behavior.

The only person who should love him like that is his Mammie. Call her! But at this point? She might not pick up either…

Hang in, dear ones! These first 24 days have been a mother——! You need to be aware of the world is in Beastmode right now. And you need to remember to rest, do what you can, and let no one take your light! See you next week!

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