Resolve To Do The Next Thing: Do Better.

Plain and hella simple.

My mother for all her brilliance, never believed in rescuing her children. She had this simple motto: “If you don’t listen, youll feel.” I take no pleasure in telling you I have felt more than what I ever hoped in my short time on planet Earth.

However, the quote from Dr. Maya Angelou dovetails with the idea of resolutions—and keeping them. The goal of a resolution is to change. The belief being if you change one small thing—those changes will ripple; spreading to other areas of your life that require change!

It’s a noble thing.

However, the motivation should be—dare I say is—to simply do better. In knowing what better is, do that. Do the next best thing. Changing what is problematic, in favor of the next best thing is necessary.

Change brings a certain type of relief. The knowledge of being in control of your life to the extent one decision—even the small ones!—will grant you excellent returns! Change in the hands of oneself is a potent force; it eliminates excuses. It grants clear vision. It allows you to blame no one but yourself if fail. It allows you to praise no one but yourself when you succeed!

Do better. Not perfect—just do better.

If you can master that, y’all everything else is butter. Trust me.

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