N Corey Booker is no longer running for President (#PresidentSoWhite), the nation needs to decide if (White) Presidents have a different ethical standard or do the Gambio Crime Family rules apply, Bernie Sanders dines on Misogyny Lite and Mufasa AKA the True Voice of God (James Earl Jones) turns 89 today! The first 17 days of this decade are ruthless as a burning perm! H

Let’s get it!

#HarryAndMeghan #TheRealBrexit #TheComeUp #TheComeThrough #QueenMoves #HustleForward #LifeMoves #WhoYallThoughtHarryWas

Let me show you my favorite picture of Diana Spencer’s youngest son, Harry:

Bruh! I love this photo!

I love this picture because it flies in the face of the venomous gossip that his wife is manipulating him. No, no it is not—-and it is laughable to think so. Harry, Price Harry—Diana’s son—has chosen to protect his wife, his son with the fullest extent of his influence and power! It is beautiful to see.

It is beautiful to witness.

The media outlets in the UK don’t know how to handle this, now! The media machine which feasts on Royal flesh, wanted Meghan to leave! The nation that has propagated colonialism, invasion of nations populated by native people, cannot stand that the archetype of Whiteness—the British monarchy—has a visible Black woman, whom is the wife of a Prince.

Y’all came for Harry, and he let y’all know.

#Representation #TheArts #HairLove #MatthewCherry #LoveLetters #BlackCreation #BlackWritersMatter


I saw this short this past summer, and follow the creator on Twitter! As the mother of a Black dynamic duo, seeing such loving representation of Blackness, family and how love really looks. From this passion project, which was a Kickstarter Project, we see this effort acknowledged!

This project makes my heart glad. Let’s make more of them.

#StephenKing #SoundsAboutWhite #ItBeYourHeroesMane #Visibility #CaughtUp #WalkBack #TwitterWinsAgain

The Oscars save for Hair Love and Joaquin Phoenix may be complete trash! This has been established. We also know the conversations around the Academy Awards have been trash, or at the least trash-like!

But nothing beats this:

Imma just leave this here.

This man has been writing for half a century. This permutation of the bending of these 26? I wanted to slap him over! There is some thing to be said for being blissfully unaware of how power with the vessel of privilege, yields erasure! He walked back this ignorant statement with another tweet praising the power of equality through inclusion and visibility.

Aight. Cool story, bro.

Lord, send help.

Hang on! All is not lost, y’all! Twenty 28 Days of Blackness starts in 2 weeks!

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