It’ll Be Your Year… This Time, Right?

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Happy New Year…?

This year will be the year, undoubtedly of course. I mean this past five you’ve only been chanting the same mantra, and some point it just has to work right? You’ve done everything right this time: your realistic resolutions are set. They’re in your manifestation diary, you didn’t tell anyone in hopes that you don’t jinx it, and you’ve saged the house and ate your two tablespoons of black eyed peas for the year; you’re set! I mean with a plan so flawless where could things go wrong?

Well, to be honest? Everywhere.

Every year, we all sit around the last week of December anticipating the new year’s arrival. We prep in so many ways to bring the new year in with open arms, and we vow to use this fresh start as a means to do things
a little different in life. While it’s such a joyous time, and we feel as though the world is our oyster again, reality kicks us where it hurts when we miss that first day in the gym. Or when we forget to write everything we’re grateful for in our diary. The new year seems to forget that we’re human! It takes away all the realities of just simply being us, and sometimes it hurts (a lot) during this time of the year, but there are certainly ways to maneuver the new year blues.

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Resolutions are hard…and sometimes hard AF.

First things first–rest, girl!

The first thing we all do trying to keep up with our new year’s plans is over exert ourselves. We over work our bodies too fast with adding new things into the regimen, and forget that our bodies need the rest. So rest, and don’t feel guilty about it!

Next on the list is: make your guilty pleasures less of a guilt trip, and look at them rather as a well deserved reward.

I mean think about it, you’ve been in the gym all week, you need to go this last time to fulfill your new resolution, but you’re just done. Done with the week, done with work, and done with the stress so instead you can’t move a muscle to make it to the gym and you spend all night feeling sorry about it. What’s the use? What does dwelling on it do when instead you can indulge in some rest, and time to catch up on your favorite show (POWER, of course!) and remind yourself that you’ve worked for the day
off. It’s all simple cases of expelling positivity over situations we typically beat ourselves up for, but the power of the tongue is so powerful that even if you slip a time or two you can continue to remind yourself that you’re so much bigger than your failures.

So, pick yourself up by your boot straps for the new year, and if you fall a few times along the way, take a page from our girl, Aaliyah, and ‘dust yourself off and try again.’

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