The Set-Up, Follow Through, The Fear Of Change

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The Gospel according to 6-year-old Calvin.

We are already into the second week, of the first month of a new decade. This means that you still have to reset the course of the new thing you want to do, or the old thing you want to let go of. However, truth is what I’m giving out in this new year, so allow me to help you in a blind spot. You know why most resolutions fail–no one wants to change.

Most people want the benefits of change and not actual change. Why and what does that mean? This means that the idea of change, talking about change is sexier than the change itself. Comfort is what people want, and what they work to maintain–at all cost.

If we are all honest, we all struggle with change. We all struggle with introspection and self-analysis. Why? People, we as human beings, desire things to be unruffled. We desire to have things constantly be in our control–even how we see ourselves. We as people hate to be challenged, and when we are? When we are not ready to confront things that are uncomfortable? We resist.

Resolutions are those things–those controllable changes–are seductive. Even if they seem or sound unattainable.

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The truth: ugly and raw…

In making resolutions, in completing them, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable! You have to be willing to look at the ugly portions of your life and decide they don’t work for you. We can dress that type of analysis up as a resolution (face it, it sounds a lot sexier than making decisions) all we want. But what give those types of decisions power and credence is the strength of will behind them!

How determined are you to change?

That determination is not given by a calendar.

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