The first ten days of this new year of this new decade has been a trip! Orange Thanos is a bigger punk than can be imagined, Anthony Scaramucci on Morning Joe making sense, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are moving out and doing their own thing (they still gon have to pay him though!), Jillian Michaels came for Lizzo, and Lizzo left Twitter! Furthermore, Azriel Clary is back in contact with her family! Perhaps all is not lost!

Let’s get it!

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According to PEOPLE Magazine this week, Azriel is ‘in contact’ with her family–after a fight with her sisterwife/co-girlfriend Jocelyn Savage. Chile, lookahere.

As a mother, I am elated she is back with her family. I am happy she is safe, alive and away from R. Kelly. I’m glad the bags, stashed money and clout didn’t keep her in such a dark place. The fact she had a fight with this other girl in front of Trump Tower in Chicago–over God knows what–I am side-eyeing. I mean side-eyeing like Luvvie Ajai does! But that is a a rabbit hole I may not be able to crawl out of…

Her parents are elated to be in contact with their baby girl. This is a blessing, and their rage is righteously placed! I couldn’t imagine something like this happening to my daughters and I stymied from getting to her because of a dude accustomed to paying for what he wants!

My prayer is her family love on her, embrace her, and remind her whom she is aside from and beyond R. Kelly. What is going to help her is feeling safe, and being in a place where her past will not be a weapon used against her.

Their 2020 Holiday Season should not include messy, gossiping, crazy people. Just saying…

#TheDukeAndDuchessOfSussex #MeghanMarkleIsNotPlaying #AlwaysChess #NeverCheckers #PrinceHarryIsAboutThatLife #HappyAtAllCosts #LoveAndPreservation #PushThrough #ComeThrough #WhatNext

The British Media cannot stand that Meghan and Harry do what they wanna do! Since announcing this week they would be ‘stepping back’ from their royal duties, the world has tried to lose its mind!

Now, bearing in mind, since Harry announced he was marrying this Black woman (we are not going to into semantics about how she identifies! Her mother is Black, so guess what that makes her!), the world has had something to say! How quickly we forget that Queen Charlotte–the wife of King George III was a Moor; she was Black. And the fact that Harry was going to marry this (divorced, Black) American woman–he has not gotten any peace!

She was ‘too much’ of this, ‘not enough’ of another; the media called her child a monkey; talked about her as if she could not read or reason–or maybe the hateful, British-bigoted press/social media took every shot they could just because she could read! The fact they have chosen to take a step back, to concentrate on one another and their family is commendable. And Madame Taussaud’s Wax Museum has taken their likenesses down! Then have the never to trip that Meghan wants to leave a place that is overly critical, hyperfocused on the superficial–remembering this environment which killed Princess Diana!

I am proud of Harry. Proud of him! There are things more important that prestige and influence. Not everything can be paid for, but trust me, everything costs!

They are making strides to be financially secure, and remember–Harry is still a royal. They still gon’ have to pay him. Look, don’t sweat the technique! Study the game for what it is. Harry did.

#Lizzo #Trolls #Twitter #BodyPositivity #JillianMichaelsNeedsSomeBusiness #TheBlackFemaleBodyIsControversy #WhyCantLizzoBeGreat #SheWasHelpingWithTheKoalas

I am a fan of Lizzo. And I didn’t think I would be though. Not because she’s this outlier pariah, but she’s so unlike what I have been listening to. I am at that age where I love new music, and I shocked that I can hear Nirvana on a classic rock station.

Oh, it happened! And I cried in my soul. Moving on.

With Jillian Michaels coming at her about her weight, the Twitter trolls and all the backlash from sis twerking at an NBA game, I totally stan her decision to pull back from social media. The world will find a way to make you feel away no matter how dope you are.

I love her confidence and her energy and I hate how the world smooth tries to ignore her. And this week, because she is so dope, she was in Australia helping with the wildfire relief effort! I like Lizzo because she is unapologetic. I can support her for this reason! I am a fan of women owning space, doing them, and not diminishing their light for the comfort of other people.

May we all know more Lizzo’s…

Rage against the dying of the light, dear ones. Be a Torch–the world is in dire need of those willing to bring light, heat and smoke. If you’re here, reading this, at this very moment, you are a Torch. I ask that you be one wherever you go.

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