Y’all! This week has been something so serious. It truly has! The Mango Bastard is out here again, wrecking havoc and shit, the US rejects the free flu shots to the immigrants STILL being detained, Joe Goldberg got a Facebook page, John Gray’s church is getting evicted, CNN said “WE” bombed Iran? No, WE didn’t! Chile, if the draft come, I gotta list folk “WE” need to take before me: Charlie Sheen, Bill O’Reilly and the dudes that keep thinking hurting a women is how they grow them!

Let’s get it!

#Wars #RumorsOfWars #Iran #WhoIsWe #IAmNotAWe #Drafts #TheDraft #WorldWar3 #DearGod #WhyLord #WhoIsFinnaGo #WhoIsFinnaDraft #WhoGoingFirst #IAintGoing #IDidntStartIT #IAintFinishingIT

So, who is distracted by all this? No. Not I. This country is the birthplace for death, confusion and all other matters of crazy ways to kill people. This week has made me think if Iron-Man when Tony Stark almost died when that Hum-Vee was blown up, and he was thrown from the car, and saw that missile that said STARK ENTERPRISES on it–right before he damn near died!

This man will do anything to hang on to power–including start continuous shit on the other side of the planet! The presidential election is in 10 months. There is no Democratic candidate–and Biden is insane. Julian Castro dropped out–and Elizabeth Warren isn’t being believed. And Kamala? Girl, lookahere.

But on the ‘Right’? It looks like Roman Senate during the time of Caligula or Nero! There are crazy factions, sycophants, and people that are dying to keep slitting their own throats– getting harder than Chinese algebra to cut social programs!

Sending troops over to the Middle East? Again? This does not bode well, my loves. This is what happens when you give the child all the participation awards and buy first place: they will always believe they are right.

This is the scariest book I have ever lived in.

#FTP #CopsLie? #OverACoffee #BlueLivesDontExist #HowISThisPossible #IKnowYouLying #ThisIsCrazy #NotEvenShocked #IGrewUpInSTL #DontAskMeHowIKnow

When I heard this story about the cop and his coffee, I knew it was a lie. I just knew it. I have not made it a secret that I STAN police accountability. I want people to know that Blue Lives don’t exist, and Black Lives Matter. You cannot make me say otherwise! So, the fact this cop LIED about the words ‘Fucking Pig’ on it?

I. Was. Not. Shocked. At all.

Does it matter that this 23-year-old cop from KANSAS, resigned? No. If anything, I want you all to remember that police are human, and humanity does dumb stuff. Like this! And if a police officer will lie about writing a note on a coffee cup (that McDonalds denied–and refuted)? Should you really have that kind of impunity as it relates to their logic and word with situation involving deadly force?

I’ll wait.

#WhoDidThis #JohnGray #HowLord #WhyLord #FireEverybody #ICannot #IWillNot #RelentlessChurch

When I heard about this, I cried on the inside. I like John Gray! I am a fan of the ministry and work that he is doing. I think that a church being in that kind of peril is horrible! It is horrible and sad.

There has been paperwork filed for the church to leave the space they have occupied–because they haven’t paid their bills.

Something about this is heartbreaking! Utterly heartbreaking. I need people to understand, just how hard it is to pastor a church, to lead a congregation–with all the responsibilities therein. I don’t like when people dogpile on preachers. It’s a pet peeve, really.

Has John Gray been the best pastor? No. Is the best pastor, the BEST PASTOR? No. They are human. They forget. They are fragile. They are prone to mess up. But all people do! I am not going to be gleeful about this–it isn’t funny. It isn’t to revel in–and I cannot bear to see this happen.

I hope Pastor Gray pulls this together. I want Relentless Church to do all that it will become, must become. I make no apologies for being a woman of faith; it is that faith that allows me to keep creating and doing as I have with all that I do.

Prayers up. We all have to do better…

The first three days of this new year is snatching wigs, and kicking people in their faces! How is this just three days in? Just THREE! Ooh! If this is the first three days–the next 363 days are going to be a part of a Wu-Tang Album. Don’t debate me on this.

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