2020 Overview: 28 (29) Days Of Blackness

Yes, #Torches! In the matter of a month, we are doing 28 (29) Days of Blackness for the month of February!

This got so much support and love last year, that I thought I would make this a staple going forward. So, in typical JBHarris fashion, I can’t do anything regular, there will be at least 1 post everyday for the month of Febrauary.

Along with Runitback Friday.

Along with book reviews.

And other bonus posts.

So, my dear #Torches, my protectors of Blackness, love, seasoned food and great shoes and whom are bold like a Ella Fitzgerald run, I cannot do February 2020 without all of you.

If there is someone you know that is making Black history that we need to know about, our a relevant ancestor, *contact me (Your Fearless Leader) or the lovely Meisha Davis (Our Favorite), Social Media Coordinator.

I am looking forward to February ALREADY, dearest ones.

Ready, set, here we go.

*Admin e-mail: jpharris.theidealfirestarter@gmail.com. Please DM the official Instagram page to contact Social Media Coordinator. When you contact me through admin e-mail, please use 28 (29) Days Of Blackness in the subject line. We will try and answer all inquiries, and answer all emails sent.


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