Eddie Murphy had to let the kids know that he is still that dude, Orange Thanos is screaming at the moon like Nebuchadnezzar, V-Wars made the world remember there is something about a blue-eyed Cajun (Ian Somerhalder–sigh), the Oscars 2020 list is out, and in three days there will be new decade–and there are bush fires in Australia! Someone call Voltron, Optimus Prime and Captain Planet!

Let’s get it!

#EddieMurphy #SNL #BlackComics #Legacy #NeverForget #ThereIsAReasonHesALegend #ISnotLaughed #SNL45 #ThePutOn #YallForgot #IDidnt #BlackArtMatters

The ratings for the 12/21/19 SNL show were the best they had been in 2 years! I, myself, sped home and parked in front of the TV and CRIED laughing. I could not breathe from laughing so hard! And when I saw him, Tracey Morgan, David Chappelle, Chris Rock and Keenan Thompson on that stage? I was thrilled. It reminded me of this picture:

Image result for eddie murphy redd foxx picture
For the kids that don’t know who is pictured, let me help you. From l to r: Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor. Feel free to Google.

The show was well-written, it was hilarious and I remembered the tweet I sent to the official Twitter handle of Saturday Night Live. I asked (because, of course I would!) that he should do his Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood skit and be on Weekend Update with the hilarious Michael Che (the Head Writer–the first Black head writer of SNL!) and the equally funny Colin Jost. It didn’t disappoint. With the week I had, with the state of the world, I needed to laugh till I could think of nothing else.

Thank you again, Eddie.

#Netflix #Writers #Season2 #YOU #CarolineKepnes #NoSpoilers #HeIsCrazy #LikeReallyCrazy #ThereIsNoMedicine #NoDiagnosis #HeScaresMeALittle #WhenBaeIsAsCrazyAsYou #InTheWorldFullOfBecksBeACandace


I have made bones about being a fan of Caroline Kepnes. I think she is brilliant, deviant and has crafted Joe out of the following mix:

Demon Dean Winchester. Lestat d’Lioncourt. Alexander Grayson. Jack the Ripper’s shadow.

This is not a debate. Don’t at me about it. I will not hear of any disagreements. I actually was recommended YOU through a friend of mine—he always has great taste in music and shows. He’s amazing–but I digress. The reviewed the books the series is based on earlier this year. Click here for that. The series is amazing, Joe is—if he didn’t kill people he would be the perfect man.

That is scary–I cannot tell you how scary that is. I mean, he made one due into HAMBURGER MEAT (spoiler alert!)! Who does that and not be locked in a room to be given straight jackets and Halidol?! And then sends ‘Good Morning’ texts! The show makes all the women I know question sanity and trauma experience. And he has BDE. I cannot. But if the revolution ever comes, with the Purge happens, I’m hiding at Mooney’s.

#Australia #BrushFires #ClimateChange #TheWildlife #IHadAKoala #IWantAKoala #ThisIsHorrendous #ThisIsRidiculous #FireFightersNeedSuperpowers

“The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullest thereof…”

There is a certain evil that will allow trees and forest to burn. The Amazon, the loss of it made me cry as a little girl. And with these brush fires in Australia, with these Koala bears in the burning trees? It is heartbreaking. The things you are given–the things you are responsible for–I was taught that you have to take care of.

There are bigger things in the world than money.

There is an adage that goes like this:

Image result for you cannot eat money quote

Indeed, you cannot eat money.

My dear ones, the world is already dark enough. With this being the last Runitback Friday of the year, I wanted to leave you all with light. With hope. With the reminder that you can do all you desire–sometimes you have to be able find the light to do it. Other times, you have to the the light for your damn self. See y’all next year!

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