TIS THE SEASON: Don’t Worry! You Are Almost There

Here we are guys!

Christmas has come and after waiting in long grocery store lines, wrapping gifts and being kind-of-sort-of done with cooking, you are almost at the finish line.

The Christmas stockings are hung, the house is beautifully decorated,and you have the smell of food in the air. You sit in your living room, taking in all your amazing work and effort. Sitting, watching the kids make gingerbread houses, taking in the sweet potatoes pies (which should be almost finished!)in the over. Just as you sip your Moscato and it puts a slight smile on your face-suddely, it disappears.


You’ve come to realize the family is coming to YOUR house this year!

Don’t worry, we all have them! As much as we love them, we know we must prepare our home for them. Oh! I’m not taking about cooking and cleaning. I’m talking about the other preparation. The one that you have to make sure you have certain things hidden and out of eyesight when certain family visits. Ill help you with a few.

The Sticky Fingers McGee Cousin. We all have that one cousin, that may have a good heart but, they also love Five-Finger Discounts! This is the one cousin that will “borrow” something from you a year prior and then wear it the next year to the family get-together. The excuse is always this: ”I told you I was going to borrow it!” or ”I thought you let me have it!” When you know they are coming, you hide everything you hold dear in a place even you may forget you put it–or only tell you spouse where you put it.

I mean, who else is going to remind you? Ha!

The ’I’m only Drinking Water! Auntie’.Let’s keep it real! We know we all have the one aunt who is always the life of the party. Everyone in the family knows she hasn’t been drinking the same water for the last 4 hours! It’s like that glass is never empty–but we don’t mind.

She is always the one that talks about people, plays Spades, plays Black Deuce for candy with the kids, and she makes the best-baked mac and cheese.

The Mischievous Kids. These are the kids that you only see once per year.


These kids are bad as all get out! They don’t have any boundaries. Telling them not to do something is almost as bad as telling them to do whatever they want! They barely listen to their own parents; if you try to check them, here come their Mamas acting crazy–because her kids don’t do anything wrong. These are the kids you confine to one room and you have Big Momma to watch them: the only person that will put the fear of God in them. The same person who put the fear God in all of you.

That’s only a few of the family members that you may come across, but even with all of that, your smile returns. You know even though someone will bring to-go containers with them; somebody’s kid may drop something; someone may get into a small (or big!) squabble.

It’s all worth it!

This is the only family you have and the love around the table–everyone cracking jokes, drinking and having fun–this is what it’s all about: the love of family and friends to spend time with throughout the holidays.

You may not always get along, but they are your family and you are theirs. There is not other place you rather be. Besides, with Christmas over, you have more in important things to wonder about.

Like all the New Year’s Eve parties–and those pies, you left in the oven.


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