I need the President’s boss to walk him out, turn in his badge and clean out his desk! Maroon 5 is on tour next year, Aunt Maxine is looking younger, Regina King is the only reason to watch Watchmen—and don’t even get me started about Karol Sanchez!

Let’s get it!

#KarolSanchez #BlackWomen #BlackGirls #DisTewMerch #ICannot #IWillNot #IRefuse #ImStillMad #NotFunny #DearLord #MoveLord

I have never been so mad at a child whom did not come from my body. This week–within 7 days–this child has been kidnapped, found, returned to her family and MADE THE WHOLE DAMN THING UP.


I needed a whole few minutes! I cannot. I refuse. Don’t…whew! Save her, Lawd Jesus! With sex trafficking going on, rape culture being a religion, and anything Black or Brown under attack–she pulled this?! Over a dude?!

Over peen, sis?! At 16, you pull a wholeass caper for peen?! The police have chosen not to file charges. Not file charges?! I am outdone. Farther than I have ever been outdone. Ever-ever been outdone.

My lasting advice to this chile is simply: You need not do nothing else crazy till you graduate college. You are unofficially a nun. Whole nun.

#Impeaching #WeToldYou #TheeHayle #Civics #PayAttention #AttentionSeeking #HereWeAre #NoWhat #IssaWalkOut

Nancy Pelosi is not playing with these people. Mitch McConnell looks like a Star Wars character, and he is running out of chess moves. Watch what I tell you! Orange Thanos out here in Michigan talmbout dishwashers, fascism and toliets! Meanwhile, he a vote from being put out his job! Mane, lookahere…

The best way to describe this craziness is what a young man on Twitter said (and the reason Civics needs to be taught again!). He said this Impeachment is like breaking up with someone you live with–and they won’t leave. They have to be put out. Consider the Senate the landlord and county police.

I ain’t got no hope, but here we go.

#ChristianityToday #OhMy #HereWeAre #ThereItGo #BurnItDown #BurnBabyBurn #NoWhereToGoButHere #WhereISHere #WakeUpChurch

Y’all don’t come ’round this corner of the innaet for my theological viewpoints and espousing. However, I make it no secret that I am a woman of faith. It is not a secret that am not a fan of this current administration or the minions whom police this hive of evil-ass people! However, the publication Christianity Today–whom added to the faction of the number whom claimed allegiance to this current tyranny–this week said he is ‘morally bankrupt’ and needs to be removed. The lastest FOX News (FOX NEWS!) poll says, 54% of THEIR listeners/viewers want him gone.


The whole–AND I MEAN THE ENTIRE SECT–White Evangelical Church needs to repent. No amount of money, buildings and PR can fix this.

This week was a notch above trash–so, only Blackness can save us! It’s a good thing that Eddie Murphy is hosting Saturday Night Live! I need that reminder that I still have to laugh in the midst of all this fuckery. See y’all next week.

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