People out here wildin about Lizzo twerking, forgiving Michael Vick, meanwhile Maximum Suntan out here pretending The Constitution is cheap Charmin toilet paper! MISS UNIVERSE is a Black woman that looks like the direct descendant of the Goddess Isis herself and Ian Somerhalder (sigh! Whoo!) out here with V Wars being brilliant! Dana Elliot has a whole community that has come to her aid! Just when you think the world is about to break apart, it keeps holding together.

Let’s get it!

#Lizzo #TheBodyPresent #TheBlackFemaleBody #HerBody #SelectiveOutrage #SaveIt #ConservativesGetOnMyNerves #LetHerBeGreat #Fatphobic #Size2IsAWholeAssMyth

If we can forgive the trash people in our lives that don’t ever put gas in the cars that they borrow, never have money to go out to eat, or ‘leave’ their wallets at home, you can save all that fake smoke for Lizzo.

Look, I am here for Melissa Vivane Jefferson (AKA Lizzo). My daughters and I scream-sing TRUTH HURTS every time it is on the radio! I love her confidence. And have your heard her sing Lingerie? YAS. Issa mood. Put it on that list. No, no,no! You’ll thank me later. I am here for any woman embracing her size and sexuality. Get ’em sis!

I think it’s hilarious she twerked when the camera was on her! I mean, the cheerleaders at these games have everything stacked or curvy pushed up, spread open and laid low! Miss me with “I think it’s just inappropriate.”


To me, the people who are sick about this, and not the skinny half-naked women, have selective outrage. Flat out!

Lizzo is pretty, monied, Black and she happens to be fat–and is unapologetic about it! I mean, would I have done it? Nall. Mainly, because I can’t twerk. If I could do it like Ciara or Megan Thee Stallion? Bruh, Idda done it. Judge your friends that only read close captions on Netflix movies.

(More about Lizzo on I Breathe Fire next week.)

#MichaelVick #NFL #DoingTheMost #WhyLord #HowLongJesus #ForgiveHimLikeYouDoOtherFolk #WastedTalent #Time #TimeToMoveOn #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMenMatter

The Atlanta Falcons ain’t be the same since Mike Vick. I stand on that.

Tweleve years ago, he was arrested and convicted of animal cruelty, with dogfighting in 2007. This year, he was named as an honorary Pro Bowl captain. With this honor, 200,000 people signed a petition to stop him from being a part of this celebration.

He didn’t kill anyone.

He didn’t almost kill his fiancee in an elevator, by hitting her.

He didn’t rape a woman.

He didn’t beat his child.

But because of this–a decade ago–he can’t be allowed to participate in the Pro Bowl.

But yet, but yet–the NFL will tolerate all matter of fuckery from anyone else! Kap still doesn’t have a job, Tom Brady mad not all the Patriots players wouldn’t go to the White House, and people believe Blue Lives Matter.

Smurfs don’t exist.

(more about this on I Breathe Fire. I have much, much more to say.)

#VSB #BloggingBigBrothers #CodeWords #CodedLanguage #Females #FemalesIsSlangOrABitch #DoNotDebateMe #Language #Narrative #NameCalling #CallMeByMyNameOrLeaveMeAlone

I love the men that VSB (Very Smart Brothers). I am a fan of Panama and Damon! So, when I saw this video about why no one should say ‘female’ or ‘females’ as it relates women. Yet, I now that this word is a slick way to call a woman a ‘bitch.’

Don’t debate me on this.

The fact you as a man have to resort to calling a woman ‘a bitch’ because she either did/said something you don’t like, means you shouldn’t be dating. Or associating with women until you do some serious work–on you. Toxic patriarchy is a thing, and misogyny is a religion to people! Moreover, the thing you have to remember is it’s not what people call you–it’s always what you answer to!

If you as a man, or a woman, have to use a biological term to describe a group of people you don’t like–just stop associating with these people. But I am also aware some men do this to take a woman down a notch. A way to make a woman feel or ‘know’ that she is below you.

It’s trash. It’s beyond trash. And it makes me so tired.

At the end of this week, I leave y’all with a reminder that nothing Black touches can be erased. Love you all! Torches, go be the Light, Heat and give whomever need it all the smoke!

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