For The Love Of You

Image result for your own self is such a treasure
I share this quote often. This year is no different. You need to know that you are not just loved, not merely seen, but valued.

This is the time of year where introspection is always paramount. I want you to know that I am proud you. This is the time of year where it is easy to become obsessed with the things you have not done. Saddened by the things you didn’t a chance to do. I come to remind you–as boldly as I know how–to tell you this:

“You have done as best you can, and I am proud of you.”

Your worth is not determined in losses and gains. It is not to your betterment to compass an entire year into what you have lost and gained. It is not determined by gifts of lack there of! Your worth is not determined by what other people believe you cannot be. You are more than the opinions of people whom neither will give you money or an eternal destination.

Don’t sweat these people. Ever.

What you must understand is that this year is the sum total of your decisions and indecision. The thing that is important is what have you learned?

What have you learned?

This essential thing is what needs to be mediated on. The things which desire you to know is that you are more than those decisions as well! Dear ones, my #Torches, now is the time for celebration; for graciousness, for acceptance…of you.

Through this holiday season, when people you can’t stand, give unasked opinions, remember–you don’t have to absorb them. You don’t have to listen. Determine this day, this year before it ends, that you will value all you have learned from this year. And take no baggage to the new year–and into the new decade.

If it ain’t paying you, don’t pay it attention.

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