The Pressed White male press is trying Speaker Pelosi, a Fred Hampton movie is in with works (shouts to Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield!) and she had to let errebady know, Disney Plus is still taking everybody money, T.I. talkin over his wife on Red Table Talk, talkin TEXAS-sized isht in less than 6-foot tall body, The Watchmen is half-prophetic and half-dystopian, and meanwhile Dirty Rudy Guiliani is losing his mind–where people can see!

Let’s get it!

#AlanisMorrissette #JaggedLittlePill #25years #AngryGirlRock #Memories #Music #Whoa #TeachTheMillenials #HelpTheGenXers #RemindMeTheWordsToYouOughtKnow

Muva Torch Secret: I loved Alanis Morrissette. And still do.

My favorite song? Uninvited.

City of Angels soundtrack.

Google it. Now.

As of 2020, Jagged Little Pill was released 25 years ago. This would be 1995, and I was 14. Awkward. Odd. And Black. I was in love with this dude named Zachary “Zack” Johnson when my fangirlness became a reality in 1996. I sang ‘You Oughta Know‘ every chance I got. And it helped me cope with never dating him, and every heartbreak after. That and 6 Underground, but that’s another story.

This milestone has made me remember how much I knew, how little I knew, and what I have learned now. Besides, I still get chills when I hear her sing Uninvited.

The tour will be awesome.

#Queen&SlimMovie #TheEnding #NoSpoilers #LenaWaithe #Visibility #Questions #Answers #KeepItPushing #ProblematicLifeAndArt #LifeImitatingArt

I’ll admit it.

Queen & Slim has been about a week–and I have not seen it yet. I have heard so much about Lena Waithe, and had not seen any work from her. The thing that struck me about her, and wanting to see this movie, was her posture during production.

“Not one note was taken from a White person.”

“I get final cut.”

As a writer (maybe future filmmaker!) this granted me another level of freedom in my writing journey. More reason to own my work–on every level!

Now, I know that Lena has said things which lead some to think her problematic. I have also heard the ending of this movie is problematic. Or brilliant, depending on who you ask. What I will say about Lena, films and the constant eruption of volcanic outrage is this: stop it.

I’m not going to cape for Lena, I am not that familiar with her work to cape like that. But, I am caping for Black spaces–especially that depict life through a Black lens–need to be protected! These spaces need to have the safety of interpretation, brainstorming and the power of unfiltered, untempered creativity.

For that reason, if that sole reason, I am going to see this movie…

#RKelly #Aaliyah #YallKnew #TheyKnew #WeAllKnew #RumorHasIt #GotAHoldOnMe #KeepHimInTheClink #AndJayZInOnThis #WhyLord #GetDame #TheyTryingToKillHerAgain

First! I must inform–not alert!–you all to the fact the music of Aaliyah Dana Haugton will be coming to streaming services in 2020!


I loved her! Loved her! Yes, yes, yes!

The SexyTime mixes can be updated to include Rock the Boat and I Care 4 U! Yes! With that said…here they go with the shenanigans!

This week media outlets are reporting dirt that was only whispered about 20-25 years ago! We all knew, suspected or heard that this man had somehow gamed the system to marry 15-year-old Aaliyah! All of Black culture knew he did that! Knew it! The people around him knew this!


And for outlets to report that Shawn Carter was trying to push up on her? Are you serious?

I am not shocked by this: he pushed up on Beyonce when she was like 18, so…

The fact that all this information if coming to a head now, 20 years after her passing, makes me angry. It is hella upsetting. It points towards the hypersexualization of Black women and girls, and how multiple know–and won’t say.

Read that again: know and won’t say.

That is the scariest, saddest, most irritating thing about this–it was an open secret.


One the worst thing? Robert Kelly is the most conniving child molester known to man: preying on this child, manipulating her talent, and abusing her. Moreover, her family knew and whored her out…anyway.


Absolutely disturbing!

And her family waiting till right now, to allow her music to be streamed? I’m side eye-ing. Hard. With a sign. But I’m streaming, doe.

This week? This week? This week made me believe two things. One-We (as Black women) just MIGHT make it. Two–We (as a nation) just might make it. See y’all next week (Yes, I know about what Trayvon Martin’s murderer is out her saying–no one needs that energy repeated this week…)!

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