Omarion firing cats on birthdays, Tina Turner is 80, Gabrielle Union got fired from AGT for saying what was on her mind, Lizzo got like fifty-eleven Grammy nominations, and THEE MOST DESICCANT White woman, was declared the Artist of the Decade?


Get your leftovers and come put your feet up.

Let’s get it!

#Omarion #B2K #BossMoves #MoveLikeTheSnowDo #QuitPlayingWithPeople #MakeMoves #Trademarks #Tours #IceBoxWhereMyHeartUsedToBe


Omarion is a whole savage! Lil Fizz has been either talking Texas-sized shit about B2K and Omarion or causing Texas-sized shit about B2K and Omarion!

So the fact Omarion fired this dude, on his birthday, and told him ‘you ain’t gotta worry about coming back’? I can champion this! CHAMPION IT!

He’s taken the steps up to trademark what he needed to, locked up his brand, and about to go make this money. See?! Everything you need to doesn’t need an audience but paperwork! Some things are left to just do and not discuss!

That’s what that stunt queen get…

#GabrielleUnion #AGT #Space #TooBlack #WhatIsTooBlack #Community #Love #Life #TheyGotNickTheSameWay #DontNobodyWatchThatShowForSimonsEvilAss

With the last few years, I love the maturity that Gabrielle Union has. She is poised, gorgeous and present! And being the Mama of Kaavia has only enhanced that. So imagine my shock when sis got fired from America’s Got Talent? I mean, I stopped watching America’s Got Talent after Nick Cannon left.

Personal protest, really.

But for Gabrielle to be fired because she refused to be refused to be disrespected? The rage. She wanted HR to take care of producers who made jokes about her hair ‘being too Black.’

But Gabrielle is so damn Black.

Whenever Black women are assertive, they are bitches. They are a problem. They suddenly have to be silenced. They can only be a problem—and what naturally grows out of my head is a problem and so damn Black!

Microaggressions are real. And they are weapons for the erasure of a person’s autonomy and to be sentient. She was Black when she came, she Black when she left—3B to 4C curls and all.

#AMAAwards #WhyLord #WhoVotedForThis #WhoMansIsThis #Beyonce #Stan #How #MakeItMakeSense #Nonsense #BasicAsIvorySoap #ICannot #NoOneCanMakeMe

My best friend said *Taylor Swift “is the personification of basic White women and Pumpkin Spice Latte.” I concur! The fact that she garnered (i.e. paid for) this award as Artist of The Decade? With the force of nature that is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter alive, actively snatching the souls of the talentless? Consistently?

Aight. I know game when I see it.

There are still areas of visibility that require the doors to be kicked in, and discovered! The demographic of this nation is changing. We don’t need a White Saviour to come through and sanitize anything that offends it! What is required is empathy, love and respect. These elements make erasure impossible—because all elements contribute to humanity.

Meanwhile, let me continue to get in Formation and keep holding space. As should be it.

*If you want more smoke about this topic, go to I Breathe Fire and look for “The Radical Anyway: The Slings And Arrows Of This White World.” Or click right here.

I just finished the dynamic read of The Baddest Bitch In The Room by Sophia Chang. It is with that power, that I remind you to own whatever space you are in. I want you to remember this life if yours. It is YOURS, #Torches. Do not be fooled to become less than what you are, for people that can’t handle your light. Be light. Make heat. Bring smoke. Be unstoppable.


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