Gratitude Is A Key. Love The Lock. Opportunity Opens The Door.

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I need you all to understand two things, the third I will give you for free:

  1. Your life is yours.
  2. Your life at present is the sum total of your decisions and indecisions.
  3. You can change your life whenever you desire.

This week, I talked about gratitude for where you are and where you are going. The key is not to go forward–looking back. There is one thing that i must tell you–which I believe no one tells you. Perhaps, because they think you should already know.

When you desire to change your life, you must look for opportunities to change it.

When you desire to change your life, you must be ready for these opportunities when they arise.

Relate. Relax. Release.

When I decided to started to begin a career in writing, I had to first be grateful that I still could! For the longest time, I thought the gift was gone. Had I believed that, this platform would not exist. Trust me. Big Facts. No #Torches. No followers. No staff. No nothing!

But what I did was write. I was grateful for the ideas. The long Facebook posts. The comments on such posts. From there, I found a free site. And was grateful.

The site was manageable. And I could do it (posting, images, etc!). And was grateful.

For my first post, I was scared. But I was thankful to be writing again. I kept writing. Kept sharing my site, and started to find other bloggers and writers. And was grateful.

At every decision, at every opportunity (given and manufactured), I was grateful. I had the opportunity to change my life–to do something I loved!–was determined to be successful at it. So far, with God’s help, a bomb staff (love you girls!), and all of you–it is.

And I’m grateful.

Be grateful for the journey, dear ones. It made you who you are. Don’t cuss about the detours, the lost GPS signals or the bad company. Don’t focus on that. Be grateful that what distracted you, took from you, hurt you–didn’t kill you!

Be grateful, Torches. There is still time. What is inside of you, doesn’t have to die with you. Or in you.

This goes for relationships, personal decisions, roommates, jobs or anything! You can’t be distracted, bitter and grateful. This will require owning your own decisions. Forgiving people (including yourself). And accepting where you are in this life–as well as how you got there. Second, as you work through that acceptance of self and decisions, you can make room of the things you do want.

Start over is one of the best phrases in the English language. I’ve had a few, and will no doubt have a few more. But, I’m grateful. I’m grateful.

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