The Key Is Gratitude

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One of the best Black Aunties on Planet Earth were are blessed with in the dynamic Jenifer Jeanette Lewis. She is a treasure.


While doing media rounds for her book, The Mother Of Black Hollywood , Jenifer Lewis was on The Breakfast Club, telling how she tries to ‘lead with love.’ I try to do the same.

When you lead with love, it makes room for gratitude. It makes room for humility. It makes room for people to give you assistance. It gives people the opportunity to support and encourage you.

Gratitude is a noun, a verb and a state of being.

One of the things that gratitude provides is focus, discipline and a way to keep your head on straight. There is nothing that can be given to you if you are not willing to be open for it!

Remember this: the key is gratitude.

There are things in this world that you want, which are set aside for you, but unless you are willing to be grateful on two fronts, it won’t happen.

Consider the following:

Be grateful where you are.

Be grateful where you are going.

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Be grateful where you are. I know life is hard. Decisions, repercussions, and consequences are a fact of life. Everyone has a past we are trying to change, outlast or outrun. We all have things we regret and don’t want to talk about. Or wish we would never have done.

Yet…you are still here. You are reading this post, under your own power and volition. You are present. You are here.

This means your journey is not over. Be grateful. You still yet have time. You still have time to change your life, and make room for the things you do want. The key is–you have to accept that. All of the things you (yes, YOU) did to get to this point.

Sit with that. Breathe it in. Exhale.

Now, remember that you (yes, YOU) can change that. Right now.

Be grateful where you are going. Your life is a gift. Your life is yours. You have the power to change it–whenever you decide! When you make the conscious decision, coupled with plans to change? This makes you a dynamic force for your personal good.

Be grateful. Realize and appreciate not everyone makes the bold decision to change their life! Not everyone has the stamina to look at themselves, where they are, how they are, as they are, and say: “This ain’t it!”

Get used to being grateful as you go. As you change. As the process of changing allows you to show more of yourself as you desire to be. This acceptance of what you will do next, need to do next will allow space to change, to forgive crucial people–including yourself. Change is both common and unique: it is available, but not everyone is willing to do it. Why? It’s hard. It’s really, really hard.

Comfort will always be easy.

But remember–carbon monoxide offers comfort too.

Gratitude is a skeleton key. Love is the door. In order to be where you are, and get to where you want to go–you have to be willing to change. From that change, accepting where you are–you can practice gratitude.

You can unlock the door.

Pick up your keys.

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