The inmates are running the asylum! Meanwhile, Ambassador Sondland is now a level of petty to ascribe to, Evil-Lyn found Jesus, Toni Morrison had her formal memorial this week, and I found out Scarface (Al Pacino) and Vito Correleoene (Robert DeNiro) have been friends 50 years! There might be hope for the word afterall! And today would have been my grandmother’s 91st birthday! I love you, Grandma!st

Let’s get it!

#HarrietTubman #JuilaRoberts #ThisAintIt #CasualErasure #ThisIsWhatTheyThink #WhatchuThought #NotHereSir #NotHereMaam

This has to be the most racist thing I have heard THIS WEEK. I utterly damn promise you! This week the story broke that a studio exec wanted Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman.

Let that sink in.

Julia Roberts. Harriet Tubman.

The reason behind it? Well, the exec said that ‘it was so long ago that no one will remember.’ Translation: Black lives don’t matter more than these studio (white) dollars. You cannot tell me different.

There are certain people of this African American/Black experience will never forget. Three of them are Muhammad Ali, Madam CJ Walker and Harriet Tubman.

We would have known if ‘Pretty Woman’ would have tried to be a ‘Moses.’ But the same folk that say ‘we wouldn’t have noticed/no one would have cared’, get mad when Ariel (a MERMAID) and Mary Jane Watson are Black.

Oh, Father! The racist ratchetness of it all…

#TI #WhyLord #RedTableTalk #SexualHealth #SexualAutonomy #HowLongLord #ProtectBlackGirls #PornHubDidWhat #StopThisShit

Aight, this is the last time Imma mention T.I. and his daughter. I was totally done about this until I saw that PornHub (yes, PORNHUB!) is willing to pay her $1 million to lose her virginity via a flick!


I mean, he’s exploiting his daughter, so why is the world shocked that some more people want to? I am over done, bruh. OVERDONE. I am the equivalent of burnt chicken–disgusted.

But the exploitation of Black women and girls is always a profitable. I’m glad Deyjah stopped following her crazy Pappy on social media! If the whole world knew my father was supervising my coochie activities I wouldn’t fuck with him either!

#RayJ #Princess #HereWeGo #ICannot #IWillNot #EveryoneInvolvedNeedAWhuppin #Divorce #ThisIs #TheyJustGotMarried5MinutesAgo

Y’all know I am not a fan of the stunt queen known as Ray J. Brandy’s little brother STAY doing the absolute most. Now he and his wife, Princess, are fight on social media.

Aight. Pause. Full damn stop.

This is never cute. The only thing different between famous people and us regular people is the amount of attention you get when you mess up. I don’t get a kick out of Black couples fighting on social media. I truly don’t! This here looks and feels uber petty to me.

Princess is on the whole innanet, talking about what kind of Daddy he is and she wishes she were! He is telling her on social media for his wife to not air their business on social media!

Common sense is not common because not everyone has it.

Not everyone needs to know your business. Not everyone needs to be privy to your lover’s spats! Some stuff ? Some stuff? For this Run-done-post Generation y’all need to know when to Practice the fine art of Hush up.

Not everything needs to be posted.

Not everything need not be shared.

Sometimes you have to handle stuff off a phone, sans a screen, to preserve a relationship. Do better y’all! Once you stop fighting on IG, the Book, and Snapchat–the world still remembers why you were mad; after you all fall in love again.

If you want to keep your relationship, learn what to share. And what to hush about.

The only wit I have to end this week is to remind you to read something from Toni Morrison or James Baldwin. Look for–and BE!–the ‘fire next time.’ See y’all next week!

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