Ooh whee!

Roger Stone and his ‘Tricky Dick’ have been found guilty of lying, Cynotia Brown-Long out here in the world and serving, Orange Thanos is live AWM (Angry White Man) Tweeting–looking scary as a kid with a report card full of bad grades, and Disney Plus out here running ALL the MCU movies! Mane!

Let’s get it!

#RodneyReed #Innocence #DeathPenalty #AlabamaAtItAgain #WTH #WTF #CallTheLawOrTheLord #FreeRodney #23Years #InnocenceProjectAgain

Rodney Reed was convicted of a murder he said he didn’t commit; convicted by an all-White jury in Texas. This is not a John Grisham plot, or Tyler Perry’s latest. This happening right now. With 5 days from his execution, he has a been granted a stay.

With 5 days to go. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled today that he should be granted 120-day reprieve in light of the new evidence. But now his execution is on hold indefinitely!


There is something unnerving about this word, and situation. The Prison Industrial Complex feeds, thrives, on Black an Brown bodies. The fact this innocent Black man has been framed, set up, and imprisoned for almost a quarter-century? Whom 5 days from his state-enthused murder, has it suspended indefinitely.

Jesse Williams said it best, “We are done floating this nation on credit.” The time for indefinitely is over.

#PeopleMagazine #JohnLegend #SexiestManAlive #WhatThe #NotHim #WhatAboutJasonMamoa #IdrisElba #ThirstTrap #HowLAWD #CantDoIT

People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive is a thirst trap magazine. We all know that. Most cis-het women, a few choice gentlemen, know that. The fact that John Legend is the chosen one this year.

John Legend.

To be frank? John Legend’s music is who I would need to freak the Sexiest Man Alive to! Look, he need only be the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ to one woman–Chrissy Teigen. The rest of us will have a vastly different opinion.

With Jason Mamoa, Idris Elba, Winston Duke an Tom Hiddleston still alive and in the world (Tom Hiddleston gets it on the accents alone!)? And y’all pick him? Really, People Magazine?

Y’all can try this again next year.

I am already campaigning for Winston Duke or Jason Mamoa for Sexiest Man Alive 2020! I stand on that.

#TheBattleOfTheStreaming #Netflix #Disney+ #AppleTV #Amazon #WhereAreTheBooks #AllTheTV #GetTheSnacks #PhoneOnDoNotDisturb

For the last 2-3 days, I have seen this deep joy from the people on my timeline talking about their favorite Disney movies. Then, when I thought all was lost? Here comes Apple TV! Yes! Team iPhone, again! And the killer part? they are offering ONE YEAR for free!


Yes, I signed up because I am here for DICKINSON, and desire to see a reimagining of Emily Dickinson and a real celebration of her work.

With all the streaming, movies, reliving the mildly traumatic death of Iron-Man, and wishing you could slap the fire from Mysterio (I am not the only one, and I would regret nothing…), I still have my Audible subscription, library card and a TBR list.

I’m here for the joy of this! Sometimes life is hard, and you need to go to wear the joy is. Some of find in shoes, some food or sex, or a good book. But then, there are days were you just want to sing ‘Under The Sea’ like a 8-year-old and cackle like Ursula. And that’s okay.

Enjoy my dearest ones, enjoy.

As I sign off this week, remember to get your Trusted Four:

Look for more about this in the come weeks…

Look at the Firestarter Hotsheet on Sex Trafficking for more info about this.

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