So, someone wrote a low-key tell all book about the tragic, sham-ass dumpster fire that as this current administration ANONYMOUSLY! Uno is coming out with Uno Cards with Braille, Clifford Harris out here policing his daughter’s body, the 2020 election is in one year, and Chadwick Boseman is a cop in his newest movie–out on the 22nd! Aight then, T’Challa!

Let’s get it!

#TI #WhatTheeHell #NoSirNoMaam #WomenArePeople #WomenAreNotProperty #PocketbooksDontNeedPolice #BlackGiirlTrauma #ProtectBlackGirls

I am over Clifford Harris! This dude has done some outrageous, outlandish, unnecessary shit, but this?! How-Why would you do your 18-year-old daughter like this? He’s in the public eye, ergo so is she, and why would you want to flame her like this?!


Dude…Have you flipped?

Nothing about that is okay. Nothing about that is acceptable, nothing about that is appropriate! And for him to say on the podcast Ladies Like Us, that the results of this examination belong to him? I won’t lie to you–I want to fight him, and slap her mother. There is a level of disrespect to this that can only be known or expressed properly by a woman.

I get that Clifford wants his daughter to not have sex. But this is not how you do this, my dude! You do not embarrass someone into retaining their virginity! And I know dudes of his ilk and socioeconomic status feel that bank accounts and phallus privilege trump everything. That feeling is normally summed up in: “Well, this my daughter/my children, and Imma do what I want irregardless (no, this is not a word) of what y’all say.”

And these same cats wonder why their kids don’t talk to them.

I feel bad for Deyjah. I truly do. I need Clifford to keep that same energy when his sons get to bussin and breakin other people’s daughters’ hymens. But you know, that same vehement policing of chastity isn’t given to boys.

No photo description available.

#Texas #Beaumont #ProtectBlackChildren #PublicWhuppings #Discpline #Abuse #WhatTheWorld #CorporealPunishment #TooMuch #WhatIsTooMuch #WhatIsTooFar #WhatDoWeDoAboutIt #ChangeHowWeRaiseBlackChildren

I have seen the video of the Black mother snatching the soul out of her son after he was clowning at school! I did not link the video because I am not advocating Black trauma porn.

As a mother, whom does do corporeal punishment, and whose parents (and grandparents) practiced corporeal punishment. I, as a mother, do that as a last resort.


And, I have found the things that my kids like and like to do. So when they misbehave, I take that away. I don’t spank them. To me, this mother went too far! I also think there is more to this story than what was recorded! I also want to know who recorded this video, and why they felt the need to do so? I want to know why this parent was called in the first place!

I have so many questions. I have so, so many questions!

I think Mama went too far. I think the school watching this, and not giving her a private place to discipline her son was a whole set up. I think that was too far, too much and there should have been a better way to deal with her son. There has to be!

I don’t want to hear the adage that Black children need harsher discipline than other children. That’s a lie. They need love, support and healthy boundaries just like any other child. Now, in the aftermath of this craziness, his and his siblings are in CPS custody! And his mother is in jail!

I think there is more to this story that what is being told. I think she went too far in disciplining him. I think there needs to be more Black teachers: if this little boy’s teacher was Black I don’t think this would have happened. I think that research has shown that Black children are punished/reprimanded more harshly in the classroom than than other children.

The conversation needs to be amplified: we have to do better by how we treat Black children.

#TheOwnershipOfLanguage #TheNWord #Permission #StopAsking #DoesAnyoneKnowThatThisIsNotADebate #Language #CheckYourWhiteFriends #FriendsDontLetFriendsDebateTheNWord

I’m going to say this for the last time, and want y’all to pay close attention.

If you are White, you cannot use the N-word.

If you are White, with Black friends, you cannot use the N-word.

If you are White, with Black friends who themselves are using or are known to use the N-word, you cannot use it.

If you are a White person that listen to music, and hear the N-word, you cannot use it.

These are immutable ground rules. There is no learning curve or leeway.

This week a White high school coach lost his job because he was caught on video using the N-word. I said he used it because his Black friends said it was okay.

No. Nall. Nope.

I don’t buy it. He has no friends, and his friends are trash. All of them are trash. Every last one of them! Ta-Nihsi Coates in one of his college talks touched on this when one of the members of the White student body asked why she couldn’t use the N-word.

Note & Pause: If you don’t follow the work of the marvelous Ta-Nihsi Coates, you are missing out on something amazing. He’s brilliant. Buy everything he writes!

In this talk he said that her privilege cannot conceive of something so small or insignificant as a word not being available for her to use. White privlege has never allowed her to confront the fact that some things in this world are not for you. That they are off limits.

This word is off limits. Simply because the collective culture has said so. Black culture has said to the dominant, insidious White culture that, “You cannot have this. It is ours.”

Am I happy this dippy dude lost his job? Of course not. But it leaves me to ponder the question posed by my English professor, Dr. Drucilla Wall. She said that, “What is the power of authorship?” Meaning, “Who owns language?”

I will venture to say here, right here, we as a culture own this. It’s complicated–and we ain’t finna explain it.

It’s a Black thing, you wouldn’t understand. And leave it at that.

This week is one of those weeks were I think that it is a whole miracle the world hasn’t spun off into space! Just like what should have happened in ‘Gravity’! Either the election or Jesus needs to come soon because I don’t know how much more of this shenanigans I can witness. Ooh, whee.

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