The Road So Far

We all have a story, some of us are just a little bolder in telling it.

One of my favorite quotes is by J.M. Barrie–the author of Peter Pan:

“The story of a man’s life is where he means to write one story, and ends up writing another.”

I have adopted this as a mantra as it relates to my life and the plans I made for myself. I wanted so many things for myself by the age I am now: 38.

But there is a power in the detour (we will visit that later this month)! There is a power in what you missed or thought you missed out on.

The thing is, and what people are scared to admit, is we think our plans are infallible. Unalterable. Foolproof. Incorruptable.

Not so.

This is not a blog that makes faith it’s sole focus, but the woman that founded it is a woman of faith (Yes, that would be me!). Just like the Book of Esther doesn’t mention God directly, you know He is there. Consider this space keeping that same energy.

Even when we don’t mention God, He is always present.

Just a reminder…

There are things that have happened to me that I never thought would, people that left me for dead (not an exaggeration), and people I thought I would have always. Life (read: God) had other plans…

I thought I would be a journalist for The New York Times. I thought I would be teaching college classes by now, not married, content to move through the world as a poet laureate, novelist and writer extraordinaire!

My life, at present, could not be more different. Yet, the things I have learned 38 years in? I couldn’t replicate.

Neither would I.

One of those things is writing. I never thought I would run a platform. When I was in high school 20 years ago, no one was ”blogging”. I never thought I would be employing people to work for me, or that would whole-heartedly support what I do! I thought I would be an Editor-in-Chief/Editor-at-Large to something already established!

But here I am–running stuff!

The road so far, just like with the Winchester Boys on Supernatural, has been incredible–and I might have died a few times. But yet, here I am. And here are all of you.

Embrace where you are, and how you got there. The best is yet to come if you keep going.

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