It’s All Saints Day, and we survived Halloween—cuffing the candy tax from the kids as custom allows. Meanwhile, the Impeachment vote happened, John “Pops” Witherspoon died (How Lord?!), HARRIET is released tonight, Orange Thanos believes life is a Scorsese movie and President Barack Obama said being “woke” does not equate to activism.

Let’s get it!

#JenniferHudson #ArethaFranklin #BioPics #Biographies #BlackStories #SoDamnBlack #DoItRightJHud #JHudCanSangSANG #LipSyncingIsASin #DontDoArethaLikeThat #NoBeautufulGowns

Okay. First of all, I’m here for this! I truly am! I want Jennifer Hudson to SANG this! I want her to bring some of that angry Effie from Dreamgirls to this! The world does know, is aware, that Jennifer Kate Hudson can act. The world at large does know, is aware, Jennifer Kate Hudson can sing. But not only can she sing—SHE CAN SANG!

And you know who else can sing, SANG, like that?

Ms. Aretha Louise Franklin.

JHud went to a table read for the lead part in the Aretha biopic this week. I am anxious for the outcome of this, I really am! I mean, if she doesn’t get the part who else can do it?

I’ll wait.

#PresidentObama #YallHeardHim #WokeDontMeanYouWork #FindSomethingToDo #ItsEnoughWorkToDo #GetToIt #RetweetingWontFixThis

This week MY president said that being “woke” does not equate to activism.

I agree.

It is one thing to participate in hashtags, Twitter debates and social media feuds. It is quite another to participate in legislative actions or process that will bring about extensive, macrolevel change. It’s not good enough to be aware of issues and then not participate in any matter to bring change!

The world knows that the present POTUS is a POS. This is not a secret. However, the humorist Mark Twain says that if, when you get on the level of stupid people they we beat you down with experience.

Again, I agree.

Yeah, it does feel good in the moment to tell all the hellish disciples of Nuclear Voldemort where to get off at; take their hoard of stupid with them in the internet abyss—-but you haven’t done anything.

You didn’t vote.

You didn’t serve the public.

You didn’t work with other people to address any other concerns.

You didn’t help organize any movements that make their mission to hold, maintain or make space.

The problem is not the trolls behind memes and Confederate flags. The problem is the people in power with the authority to empower, support and embolden them! The problem is not the symptom—it’s the disease! You can only treat symptoms for so long before you have to address the organism that caused it.

Tweeting and blocking is treating the symptom. The thing that causes these symptoms (ie racism, hatred, bigotry) needs to be addressed. And addressed on two occasions: frequently and often.

#HarrietTubman #Harriet #HarrietMovie #BlackHistory #ImRootingForEverybodyBlack #BlackHistoryBeyondFebruary #BlackOnPurpose #BlackEveryday

Harriet Tubman died on the same day my mother would be born 37 years later. When I was younger, I felt that meant something. I thought this meant Harriet Tubman was a part of my mother. Conversely, my mother was a part of Harriet Tubman.

Ergo, Black Girl Magic.

But with that said, Harriet Tubman—slave, revolutionary, nurse, Union spy, abolitionist—had to be dead a century in order for her story to be told. The empowering, heartbreaking things about biopics is the people they honor aren’t always present.

I am enjoying this renaissance of and for all things Black. I am enjoying the resurgence of rediscovering Black History. More importantly? I am enjoying the visibility! It’s about time. Past time.

The art hits different when you see someone that looks like you, staring back at you, in the same world that doesn’t want to see you.

This week dearest ones, I want you to do me a favor. Just like The Culture came out to support Black Panther, The MCU, and the team of Chadwick Boseman, Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan? Support Black Art this weekend. Make space for it. Buy pieces of it. Sponsor it. Being Black and creative is a bear of Herculean strength. Support Black creatives. We need it. We need each other. And we need y’all. Thank you.

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