And At Last…The Unknown.

I think of all the fears we have discussed this month, this is the most hectic and chaotic. Fearing the unknown is paralyzing—it allows you to be a hostage in your own life! Who wants that?

Answer: No one.

The thing about the fear of the unknown is it robs you of the joy life–you may begin to feel irritated by just being alive! Which is counter intuitive to anything brave or curious live offers.

It is wrapped up in the loss of control. Of not being able to dictate life as you want, like you want. Change is inevitable, darlings. Just like age! Fear of the unknown is like going out to see and kicking a whole hole in your boat.

You cannot control your life down to every minute or moment, dear ones. Some things just pop on you–and the best word, and scariest word in the English language is SUDDENLY.

Suddenly is the word that is the universe’s way/God’s way of telling you “Hold on a minute! Let me show you something!”

It is the suddenly that we don’t want. That we can’t control. With that loss of control, in believing we don’t have control over what we think solely belongs to us? Some people cannot handle that.

But today, the day before we celebrate everything scary, I challenge you to replace the unknown with curiosity.

This life is yours, dearest one.


Every decision. Every hesitation. Every consequence. Every defeat. Every victory. They are all yours. Don’t shy away from your life because you think you don’t be able to control it! What fun is that! The crazy thing about this life is as crazy left as it can be, as crazy right it will become.

What does that mean?

It means don’t give up. Don’t allow what you cannot see to affect what you will see. Don’t let the suddenly take your possibilities.

Be bold Torches, be bold.

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