AOC hemmed Marc Zuckerberg up, Orange Thanos cannot read a map (he said ‘we’ are going to build a wall around Colorado–who wanna tell him), there is talk of an Iron-Man 4 and a woman got hit in the face–the face!–with a blender at a McDonald’s for wilding out. What a week!

Let’s get it!

#SimoneBilesFlip #JustSimoneOnEm #FlipTwistLand #Stunt #Swag #SwagOnEm #DoTheMost #BlackGirlMagic #MagicEverywhere #TheyAboutToGetItEverywhere

There is stunting.

There is swag.

And then there is WHATEVER Simone Biles is doing!

Imagine–IMAGINE!–making the world so mad that you are better at flying through the air than anyone else! That you damn near SINGLE HANDEDLY ELEVATED A WHOLE SPORT! Like, US Gymnastics will henceforth be known before she and Gabrielle Douglas and AFTER she and Gabrielle Douglas.

When sis did that flip with that perfect blow out? And tossed out the first pitch? I screamed! Of course the hating, jealous trolls were clamoring that she was ‘asked’ to flip before she threw the pitch. And if she did?

And if she did?

Simone Biles is a GOAT. She is a legend and if she wanted to hit a note with a twist with a fresh press and bomb outfit–LET HER STUNT! She is a damn superhero! I hope she flip-dip-twist-land on from when she drop off mail in the post office, pumpin gas or parking her car to shop for shoes!




#TeachTheGirlsToBeBetterWomen #Soccer #Cover #AdjustTheCrowns #ProtectGirls #TeachGirlsToProtectOtherGirls

This brought tears to my eyes. This is why it’s important to teach your girls to respect other people, and especially other women. The fact that the opposing team circled around her and covered her–it let me know there is still yet hope for the world I am leaving my daughters in.

In the current world that seem to hate anything non-Christian, or not cis-het and white, the fact these young women provided her that moment of safety to adjust her hijab? It affirmed that what I am doing in regards to teaching my children to care of others, to be respectful of the differences in others is right.

It’s not only right, it is just.

Teach your children to care of others–even in a world that seems to have forgotten how. Teach them care, compassion and the awareness of others is not a bad thing. It does not make them weak, silly or soft. Help adjust the crown of another woman because she needs to recover for a second.

Help adjust the crowns.

#BethMoore #DontBeSilent #PulpitBullies #WhoRaisedThesePeople #SpeakUp #SpeakOut #WhiteSupremacyIsACancer #RacismInPulpits #SexismIsADemon #PeopleForgetJesusWasRadical #JesusIsBlack

I am slowly becoming a fan of Beth Moore. Her piece says in part:

Any “Christ” that can be invoked in support of white nationalism is a false Christ of the highest, most hellish order. An anti-Christ. A wholly-opposite christ. No such christ is the Christ Jesus of Scripture who taught His followers a love that sacrifices life & limb for others.

Let it be known, let it be declared by genuine followers of Jesus, that the man who opened fire in El Paso may invoke a Christ of some kind but it is NOT our Christ. His Christ would be unrecognizable to us. Unrecognizable in Scripture. We claim no Christ of white nationalism.

Christian leaders, LEAD. Do not shrink back in cowardice. Be bold. Be clear. Do not assume people know where you stand. History will prove this to be a most critical hour and our silence to have been our shameful complicity.

This same week the Pimp For Profit Prophet Paula White says that the people–Christians, she said–will be held accountable if they vote against Orange Thanos.


Do you all NOT see the difference between these two? The quote taken from Beth Moore was taken from this past August, but is no less potent, true or needed! The fact of the matter is and remains the POTUS is a xenophobic white supremacist! I am done debating people about this–White, Brown or Black! I am done defending my humanity or the humanity of other people to these lemmings! At this point–THIS POINT? If you don’t see this man for what he is, you never will.

And you will reap the whirlwind for it.

The fact remains–yea, still is–the church, the North American Church that says it loves Jesus Christ, has a serious problem! That problem is some people that say Christ is Lord, will have no problem defending a Nazi-sympathizer clad in presidential power, or defending immigrant children locked from their parents or hate crimes perpetuated on Black, Brown or non-Christian people! The church, in some respects, is worshiping white supremacy, not Christ.

The best Meme I saw on the internet this week reminds its readers that white supremacists use the Bible to enforce their beliefs–even though there are no white people in the Bible.

There, right there, is the insanity the accompanies racism.

This week I am renewing my application to the AAVE Lexicon to include ‘just Simone on ’em’. This is a phrase that will be used to describe people that try to keep you in a box, sleep on you or think you need to slow up so they can catch up. Don’t do it, loves. Just Simone on ’em on two occasions: continuously and often.

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