Halloween Is For The Grown And Sexy…And The Kids Too.


Image result for nightmare before christmas
“Ghouls and goons of every age, would you like to see something strange…”

I know we talked about crippling parts of fear in a traditional sense in my last post. In the spirit of Halloween, I want to talk about the fun of it. This is a time when the candy is flowing, kids are trick-or-treating and for us adults? We are enjoying all these amazing Halloween parties!

Don’t be mistaken.

This day isn’t just for the children

Of course we take our kids to get costumes and candy so they can share with their class or trick or treating after school. We go through all their candy, hide some for ourselves (Don’t act like I’m the only one!), and watch all their favorite scary movies with them. You know the good classics: all the Friday the 13th movies, the Michael Myers movies, Jeepers Creepers, Critters, and Gremlins.

If you want to play it safe, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror is always a good show to watch.

After the kids finally crash from their sugar high and are in bed, (and hopefully with a babysitter), the adults get to have all the real fun!

That’s right! We also get to visit all the fun Halloween parties with costume contest, Halloween games and all the true adult fun you can stand. Getting dressed up in whatever costume you purchased, when the kids weren’t around, and go out for a night of adult Halloween fun. We get to visit all the “real” haunted house. You know, the ones you can’t take your kids to! You can have a typical night of Halloween party-hopping or just finding that one chill party/ haunted house that you don’t want to leave. 

Halloween, in my opinion, is what you make it. I typically watch all the scary marathon movies during the month of October. On the actual day, if I can’t find a good costume party to attend? I stay home, and invite some friends over. We make Halloween based treats, sit in front of my 3-D TV, watch scary movie. We watch all of the prank Halloween videos on YouTube. We also have Try Not to Jump Scare contest. If someone does, they have to do a punishment: like take a shot of apple cider vinegar.

It sounds like torture, but it’s so much fun!

As for me and my friends? We will keep laughing, doing challenges, eating kids’ candy and pranking them in the morning telling them it’s all gone. I have the best part of all of that because since I am not biologically a parent, I get to scare my nieces and nephews! I get to listen to them be upset and send them home. Then, I get to hear them laugh about it years later and watch them do it to their kids.

As long as you are safe and truly having fun, then have a spooktacular time in whichever way you choose. Maybe you can start some fearfully-fun traditions of your own. These are the best type of fear because it’s the one you can laugh at when time goes on.

Spell you later!

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