Saddle up dearest ones, this week had a chick reeling! Orange Thanos is for real out here thinking he a whole Correleone, Rihanna might be giving the world new music, Simone Biles out here elevating a whole sport to real ‘Get Like Me” Status, Issa Rae’s voice is a Google Assistant, while SOH Nancy Pelosi out here looking like a Mom in Target on her last leg, talmbout “Don’t that sh!t with me today, Donald! Not TUHDAY!” Now, in the words of the Grande Dame Congresswoman Maxine Waters, “Impeach him!”

#ElijahCummings #USCongressmen #Mourning #Heroes #CivilRightsMovement # ThereIsStillWork #GetToWork #Baltimore #Maryland

Note: Elijah Cummings is NOT John Lewis.

When I woke yesterday, I couldn’t believe this happened! We are in a time where heroes are in short supply! We know the POTUS is a POS and is capable of any damn thing! Elijah Cummings is an example of consistent patriot. Granted did he do everything right? No. And he even left the world still trying to fight for people whom look like him–and their right to vote! He was still working–from his hospital bed!–for the impeachment of this demon!

As the daughter of a Black man, I remember how hard my father worked even when he was sick! No matter how bad he felt, no matter what was going on, to make sure we were good! Lord…

This administration is killing people–and it killed Congressman Cummings too.

#Funerals #AtatianaJefferson #Texas #Shenanigans #WhatIsWrongWithPeople #Mourning #DallasFortWorth #PoliceAccountability

Atatiana Jefferson’s funeral is tomorrow.

Her father, Marquis A. Jefferson, has a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against, Atatiana’s aunt–Bonita Body. Stopping the funeral arrangements; including service and internment!

Imma say this now, and I don’t care who gets mad. This this a wholeass come-up! How are you going to come out now and tell people what they can do? The child is dead! This girl is gone! And The Potter’s House is supposed to be the venue the service with at, with Bishop TD Jakes speaking.

But I bet you all the money in your wallet that if Bishop Jakes still wants to speak, he would let him!

This is trash.

This reeks of shenanigans.

This don’t sound right–on any hand. In any way.

I’m keeping eyes on this.

#PastorWilson #NotTheRightTouchAndAgree #DoThatForYourWife #IBetSheWouldLikeIt #ThisIs #KinkyStuff #FreakyTalesThatToo$hortTalkedAbout

I am not going to link you this video. I am not going to kink-shame. I am not going to go in. If you like the freaky stuff–go see my girl December Davenport on Amazon or Janelle Fallon. No, they don’t have the video either.

But I will say this: if this ain’t his wife, I don’t know what to tell you. I truly don’t. I will say that the fact that she/he/they recorded it? This ain’t the first time they have been together in this fashion. And this ain’t the first time they recorded these secret lover encounters.

And yes, I have seen the memes. And the jokes. And the jokes about this being the ‘new, needed ministry.’ But as a woman of faith, I am disappointed. My heart hurts. I am tired of the disgraced pastor narrative. If you have a wife, the Word says in Hebrews that the martial bed is undefiled!

I bet if you put that kind of lip service to the woman you building your life with, you’d never see her frown.

This week is proof that the Jesus must be on the way. Pray up and stay woke! See y’all next week!

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