Do You Like Scary Stories?-Part 2: It’s Not Just Jordan Peele

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Horror stories aren’t just being written and done by Jordan Peele.

You all have heard me sing the praises of my writer friend and fellow podcaster, Tonia Thompson. Again: subscribe to Nightlight: The Black Horror Podcast. With that said, with this being the month to celebrate all things dark and scary, I need to remind you of one thing.

The horror community isn’t just wrapped up in Jordan Peele.

There are other people, namely Black women, that are writing in this genre as well. One of them, is our fairy godmother Tananarive Due. If you need a recommendation for your TBR list–do The Good House or The Immortal Blood Series. And follow her on Twitter–she’s just as brilliant!

I say that to say this, Black women do write horror. And write it well. There are platforms which need support (both social and financial) to get work seen, submitted and to get more Black women’s work seen.

I’ve been on the periphery of horror and horror writing for a while. I’ve never considered myself a horror writer–that wasn’t what I was exclusively interested in writing. Yet, there are more than a few scary books in my personal library. It was the podcast Hello Monday last week where I heard the interview done by the ever-gracious Roxanne Gay. Here she gave this loving advice wrapped in a warning concerning supporting Black writers.

Roxanne Gay said that writing communities, mentoring for Black writers is essential. Her exact quote was, “If we don’t take care of each other, who will?”

Image result for tananarive due quotes

That thought, that moment of realization, reminded me of my dual identity in this community: writer and support.

The scariest thing is to be a writer, especially a writer of any minority (or dual minority) is having no support. In having no sounding board, no network, no tribe! In or with having no place to go, you give up.

Having no support, some of us, just quit. With all these stories inside. Locked up, because someone else that looked like you couldn’t tell you to keep going. This is a nightmare so many writers face–especially in genres with little to no representation. Like horror.

Here are a short lists of writers/creatives you should consider supporting.

One woman that you should really consider supporting, even posthumously, is LA Banks. Her Vampire Huntress Series was everything!

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