The Republicans keep sending the tea to the DNC, Rudy Giuliani might got to prison, Katherine Johnson turned 101, Simone Biles keeps basic Beckys pressed and there is going to be more of Toni Morrison’s work released posthumously. Chile what a week!

Let’s get it!

#Superheroes #SimoneBiles #Superheroing #StayMad #Gymnastics #USAGymnastics #Athleticism #Vaulting #FlyingThroughTheAir #KickingApparatuses #BlackGirlMagic

She’s 22-years-old.

At twenty-two, I was dating a bum, fighting depression and trying to figure life out. Simone Biles is an Olympic Champion, and 5-time All-Around Champion! Sis is out here getting moves named after her! She is out her elevating the sport of gymnastics to such a level, at such a speed, with such a talent, the power that be–like clockwork!–are trying to stop her.

Just think about that.

Chris Rock said it best: once Black people get into an arena, we take it over. We dominate it. There is no other race of people on the planet or in the observable universe who can do what we do like we do it!

The week Simone Biles was penalized because she is good.

Not because she cheated.

Not because she was found on a PED.

Because. She. Is. Good.

Also read as: The gymnastics community cannot handle how good, I mean damn good this BLACK GIRL is! She is doing stuff no one else can do, no other white girl is doing, and they cannot judge this. They cannot contain this. They cannot water it down, they cannot adjust–so rather than make room?

They try and stop her.

This is a similar story to most Black women in predominately White spaces. Again. I renew my petition for the entry of the phase “just Simone on ’em” to the African-American Vernacular English lexicon. I believe the time has come to add to it–and add, immortalize, the achievement of this particular Black girl.

Watch this here–I’ll use it in a sentence.

Ramayah, rather than wait on people to support her business, started her plan to save for the money. “Imma just Simone on ’em.” she told her mother.

Just Simone on ’em. And let them catch up.

#BillyPorter #Yasss #TeamPorter #LoveHim #Cinderella #FairyGodmother #DoThis #ReadyForThis #SuperReady #Storytelling #FairyGodfatherIsEverything

Billy Porter might be Cinderella’s fairy godmother. When I heard rumors about this potentiality this week? I shrieked! I did! I could see the dresses, the colors, the wands and glasses! I could see it!

It would be utterly marvelous!

Now, we know Billy Porter has been fabulous! The world is just now catching up to him. He is talented, stylish and here for all of it! I need Billy Porter to be a damn fairy godmother! I need this to happen to restore my faith in this country! I think it would be so marvelous!

I’m already imagining how amazing all the sets would be, the music, and the slay that will be this Cinderella’s dress. I am thinking icy white with blue undertones!

Trust! I will be watching to see how this goes, because I am here for this!

#NationalComingOutDay #LGBTQIA #NoClosets #Love #SpaceMaking #Torches

This blog has always been an LGBTQIA safe space and will continue to be. The staff of this blog know and love people of the same sex, and still advocate for justice for Black transwomen.

The staff, writers and the admin continue to be light in dark places for our #Torches, no matter their orientation. No matter how they love or who they love!

Know that you are loved, seen and appreciated. Know that we love you, no matter who says they don’t!

It’s a little lighter this week, dear ones. I need you all to know that there’s still light in all this darkness. I wanted y’all to know The Ideal Firestarter is still a place of light, hope and joy! We have to find the light wherever we can, loves! Even if we have to fight for it! Hence, being a Torch—wherever we are!

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