Welcome #Torches!

Wherever you are, you are a #Torch!

Welcome to The Ideal Firestarter!

This platform was created for Black people, by Black people and holds space for ALL Black people! We speak about topics ranging from the serious, the intraspective, the hilarious and the informative. The goal being to embody this quote:

“It’s gotta be said, and gotta be said by somebody.”

If you are a fan of pop culture and current events? Then, every Friday, you will love Runitback Friday! If you are a fan of all things sophistiratchet? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! The goal of the Ideal Firestarter is to make space for the Black lens in a world that wishes only to see White.

The blog was founded by a Black woman, Jennifer P. Harris, in 2016. The contributors are Black women. Our social media is ran by a Black woman. Click to follow a favorite!

We post every Monday and Wednesday with Friday being Runitback Friday. There are also book and movie reviews! If you are on the hunt for a new read, or something to add to your library, make sure you check out the Firstarter Bookcase! If this is your first time here, take your time and look around. If this is your second time here, your might as well be a #Torch!

And what is a #Torch?

A Torch is someone that is bold, brings light, and is a leader–prepared to light the way and take the heat if necessary.

The Ideal Firestarter is also an LGBTQIA safe-space.

Welcome, know that we appreciate you, and make sure you subscribe on the way out!

If you love what we do here, consider donating! You can donate as little as a $1.00 USD through the link below.

If you would like to support the platform through Cash App by clicking here or the image below:


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