This week has been as if the Joker had given you acid in a dark amusement park, and put you on a roller coaster! All manner of lunacy is happening, but yet you can’t seem come down from all this madness to find a way through it! The President thinks he’s John Gotti when he’s really Elmer Fudd! Lil Kim is getting a the shine is due via the BET Hip-Hop Awards, and Robert DeNiro cursed live on CNN–who is finna check young Vito Coreleone? Answer: No damn body.

Let’s get it!

#BothamJean #Justice #WhereIsTheJustice #ThereIsStillWork #Grace #ImNotThereYet #TheCannotAndTheCan #Dallas #PoliceNeedPolice #10YearsIsCrazy #WhereDoWeGoFromHereBlackJesus

I need you all to know that I am an activist and a woman of faith. One does not overtake the other. They never have or do. But what I need you to get is this: Amber Guyger killed Botham Jean in his own house. This is not disputed. I cannot tell you what it means for me to look at this situation and not feel rage. However, what I need you to know is this, and this goes for all collective Blackness:

We cannot be more upset than the Jean family.

We cannot be more mad than the woman that carried Botham in her body.

We cannot be more upset than his siblings.

We cannot cry injustice for something that is outside of us. What does that mean? We cannot be more angry than the people this happened to first-hand.

There is definitely fury that surrounds this situation, and I understand the need to free yourself from the burden of hurt, bitterness of rage. I get the need for forgiveness. I understand that forgiveness is a hard journey–it is unrepentant. There is more than what people think which goes into forgiveness! And there is a weight that lifts when you give people back to God.

With that said, me being a woman of faith does not make me a sucker!

With Judge Tammy Kemp hugging his woman? With the bailiff smoothing her hair like a Barbie doll? With his father saying they could be friends? There was something in me that broke! My energy, my life, the lives of the people I love are not to be so cheapened the all can be erased with a hug!

Amber Guyger cannot replace the life she took.

Botham Jean is still dead–no matter how mad we all are.

What can be done, and is to be done, is we remember what happened to him. We still hold police and their superiors responsible. We still record. We will love and support one another. We still report. We still write. We still work.

We still go forward.

Sometimes being alive and remaining is a revolutionary act.

#RobertDeNiro #Activism #SayWhatYouSaid #YallHeardVito #VitoSaidWhatWeAllWereThinking #HereWeGo #ThereWeGo #IStanThis #CNN #MSNBC #GetReadyHereWeGo

Robert DeNiro said “Fuck him!” on CNN. The ‘him’ is Orange Thanos. The same leader of the free world whom is acting like a dementia patient. Don’t debate me about this. I have a background in long-term care. I have a mother whom has a background in nursing. I know what crazy looks like–his meltdown doesn’t scare me. It doesn’t throw me off game.

The fact that he said it, keeps saying it, means he’s paying attention! The people that report his fuckery, are paying attention! The bloggers are paying attention! The law is paying attention!

You reading this means you are paying attention!

Don’t allow this man and his evil henchmen distract you from your common sense and inferencing skills! This man, this president, is a wholeass criminal. Whole. Ass. Criminal.

And for the sake of the union, for the protection of the Republic, there is something that is going to have to be done. The reason this is taking so long? Every other Republican is either on the take or knows someone who is! If he was Black, they would have lynched him on the South Lawn.

Clearly corrupt White men play by White Man-Gambino family rules.

#LilKim #Legends #Legendary #BET #HipHop #Forerunner #TheseBars #TheseSongs #IStillListenToHer #ComeBackToUsKimberlyDeniseJones #ShineAndTime

I am old enough to remember when Ice Cube, Ice T and Eazy-E were rapping. I am old enough to remember JJ Fad, Roxanne Shante and MC Lyte and Queen Latifah. I am also old enough to remember this short brown skinned girl with these big ole eyes, and this thunder when she opened her mouth–example: Junior M.A.F.I.A-Get Money.

I remember Lil’ Kim.

I remember hating how heavy my voice was as teenager, how husky and raspy. But, it wasn’t until I heard Kimberly Jones just TALK? Mane. She was amazing. She truly is–I don’t think this generation can really appreciate how dope Lil Kim is! Her lyrics were being studied in feminism classes! I am overjoyed that she is getting this shine–separate from being identified as Biggie’s girlfriend–at long last! In a world full of Nikki’s and Megans–whom are dope in their own right–Imma need y’all to remember that Lil Kim made a little bit of space for the girls whom were coming, and now here.

There is an extra sadness this week: the Botham Jean verdict, the loss of Diahann Carroll. But let us focus on Diahann: she is a Torch–her light is just a little higher. It’s fitting we have to look up to see her now. Thank you, Diahann. -JBHarris, Founder–The Ideal Firestarter.

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