October 2019 Book Review-YOU Series by Caroline Kepnes

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If you haven’t already, watch YOU, Season 1 on Netflix. Yes, watch it and read this book! This is the first of two books. The sequel is HIDDEN BODIES.

First thing, first.

Joseph Goldberg is crazy as Hell.

He truly is. It was this book that made me a fan of Ms. Caroline Kepnes. The added element of having the actor Santino Fantana read this book? And the smoldering bookworm sexy that *Penn Badgley gives?


You will find yourself crushing on a dude that killed a dude in box with peanut oil! But I digress. And getting ahead of myself.

This is one of those books that either you will finish in a week, or kill a day listening to it on Audible. I crammed this book, and its sequel Hidden Bodies, both in a day in a half to two days (these are not short books beloveds!).

The great thing about this story (aside from the two men that play Joe), is how Caroline has crafted Joe. At first, you are taken off guard by how attentive he is. How is memorizes everything about Beck. It’s sexy because we as women like to be paid attention to, to be cared for, studied even. Protected. Shielded. Pushed.

Women love being the sole object of affection and desire! What Caroline does, masterfully, is make the reader question everything they that they know. We don’t know whether to run from Joe, smash him or shoot him. The book is a rollercoaster and I loved every bump!

Caroline designed Joe so smooth, that I’ll be honest with you all. For a minute, for a second, he remained bae and I forgot he was killing people. I forgot he was killing people. I forgot he molly-whopped Benji. How he killed the Peach because she wouldn’t let Beck go (I mean, Peach was a trollop, I was glad when he killed her! No lie.). Like, three people. Four, really. And he told he that he had done this for her.

For her.

He did all these things, this dark, dastardly, evil shit, because he loved this girl. All he wanted Beck to do was love him with that same fervor in return. It is a creepy, thrilling, sexy read, loves. Both books are. The books had be reexamining how I see men, and my own safety in the world in which I leave a digital footprint. The one thing that stuck out to me was this steady creeping towards this climatic conclusion. I don’t want to spoil it, dear ones!

By far the best quote that made this story absolutely chilling, was Beck says in writing her book:

“And then when you thought you might just disappear, he saw you. And you knew somewhere deep it was too good to be true. But you let yourself be swept because he was the first strong enough to lift you.”

This is sexy and provocative and is some Dark Prince Charming shit…and that is scary, Torches. Could you really stay with a man that killed to get you? Beck couldn’t.

Get this book.

*I would be remiss in my duties not to relay what Penn said about his character. Penn reaffirms that Joe is a bad dude! That he should not be lusted after, he is a sociopatic! Penn has voiced the need to believe victims of stalking and how we need to protect women. In the age of ’50 Shades’ we have to remember the key to those types BDSM relationships or other umm non-conventional relationships is consent! Joe Goldberg is consistently out of line, and he’s dangerous. Remember, this the one of the reasons no one believed Ted Bundy was a monster either. He, too, was charming, and handsome–and he cut off a girl’s head with a hacksaw.

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