It’s my sister’s birthday, Serena’s was yesterday, and Cassie is now Mrs. Fine because Sean Combs doesn’t have relationships—it’s hostage situations! Also? This whistleblower?! This impeachment?! And Tekashi 6ix9ine our here saying he doesn’t need witness protection! Mane! He will need Iron-Man to help him in a minute, because this is Avengers level protection. When this comes to a head, a halt or an Endgame level end! If it does, I’m selling tickets!

#Tekashi6ix9ine #SnitchCulture #TellIt #WWJD #47Years #FedTime #JusticeAndSnitching #Silly #IDontKnowNothingHeSing

I clearly must be almost 40 because this dude is unknown to me. Like I cannot! From his Skittles hair color, tattoos on his face, and Jigsaw puppet tattoo JUST CAUSE..

This mans is not made for prison.

So him snitching? Bruh. It’s not a shock! I mean, look at him! He looks like a snitch! He looks like someone who waits for people mess up and tell! I mean, he’s saying he wants to resume his rap career (Okay?!)? How Sway?! And he refuses witness protection? But he wants to keep rapping? All I have are questions!

Y’all need to vet your gang members because they don’t know the game. At all.

#MrsFine #WifeStuff #Love #Marriage #Decisions #MrsCassieFine #NewLives #NewStart

I am here for Cassie getting married! I am here for healthy love and men knowing what they want! Sean Combs clearly has issues about keeping relationships! He was with this girl for a decade! And never married her! I mean, you tell me! One of the cruelest things you can do to a woman that loves you is waste her time.

He wasted her time.

And her finding this man, and being in a healthy relationship? And being with someone that loves her—married her and started a family? In front of the dude that said in a song:

“it’s is easy to be Diddy but hard to be Sean”…

Don’t have the time to explain fuckboy foolishness, but I can say this:

If a woman loves you, don’t waste her time. Don’t take her for granted, honor her. She is a treasure and should be treated as such. Don’t hold her hostage if you just want to hold her as trophy.

In short: fuckboys waste time—men value time.

#DallasPD #AmberGuyger #Trial #BothamJean #BlackLivesMatter #Accountability #PeenIsDangerous #CopsLie

From the judge to the peen-related messages, this trial is just why people mistrust police! The fact there is a debate as to whether she meant to kill this man in his houseand a Black officer vouch for this?!

Look, she killed Botham Jean. In his house. How is this aight! If she gets off? Dallas will make Ferguson look like a cook out! You cannot kill Black people for sport! You cannot kill us and think the rest of us won’t say nothing!

That’s over. Been over!

A police officer, Amber Guyger, killed Botham Jean after entering his house without consent, warrant or verbal permission.

She committed a murder in commission of a felony. In Texas.


Ooh whee.

There is something brewing, Torches! And we are here for it, and are here till the bitter end! Hang in, and pray up! See y’all next week!

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