Successful Self-Care: Queen, You Can Do It Because You’re Worth It!

As promised, I am here to discuss the importance of self-care and its benefits in different forms. This is something that I hope you find of value. As I have said often, you can’t take care of anyone, without taking care of self.

It gets old! At some point you are going to remember that before you were a mom, you were a WOMAN.

You were a force to be reckoned with.

You had, dreams goals ambitions just like everyone else.

You wanted to see the world and experience it in all of it fullness!

Now, that you have become a mother? Society, your kids, the world has told you what needs to come first. You press down the thoughts and feelings of what you want as selfishness; replace them with selflessness–everyone else first, Mom last.

 Frankly? It sucks.

I mean, listen, your kids may be a great joy, but you are at your greatest when you are taken care of as well! Just like they have needs, wants and desires, so do you. You can help your kids, but you are running on steam at best? If you aren’t: you can forget about you.

Image result for mom memes
It’s so real.

Typically, when that happens, you are at your wits end with your kids and you 2.5 seconds away from giving them up for adoption!

Well, maybe not that far…but you are 1 gray hair away from shipping off to boarding school. 

One important thing about self-care, is that you can recharge your mind. In recharging your mind, your body will follow! So that you can be at your best when you service your kids or have to tackle that the world. You must love yourself, so you can love them better.

Your sanity is at stake, girl! Fight for it!

Even if it is sending your crumb-snatchers to a friend’s house, your parents, their aunts, a babysitter, etc! You must understand your peace of mind is everything. Now, someone like me, for me? When I practice self-care, it does take a lot. I am, and can be an extremely selfless person. Even to my enemies! So, it’s hard for me to do something for myself and not do something for someone else.

But hey, every kitten has its ball of yarn.

Self-care for me? Reading a book with a glass of wine. A couple Long Island Ice Teas while playing a first shooter game. Getting my hair/nails done, then buying myself an outfit. Or going on a trip just to get away. 

Anything that can help you (within legal limits) to relax? Anything that will help you calm down? Anything to get your mind, body and spirit to a place were you are happy? This is self-care.

I get that you have a lot of things going on! Be it school, work, kids, family, bills, repairs, friends, etc. With everything going on in the world, don’t let society or anyone else tell you that it is selfish to decompress. While everyone is telling you how to live your life, you will be on the side lines watching everyone else to live theirs. Then what are you going to have left? Anger, resentment and bitterness. Not only towards yourself, but your kids. They don’t serve it and neither do you. I will say it again. You deserve to love yourself, so you can love them better!

*Important: Now, I can only speak for us women. I’m not a man and men tend to be awesome at tuning things out and sneaking some time away to just “do them”. Us on the other hand, we tend to carry the world and how it rotates on our shoulders. Here is a helpful reminder in to why it is important to take care of you. 

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