Faith Evans and Lil Kim might go on tour, AB lost his Nike deal and got fired from the Patriots, Kap might get signed, Cam Newton is putting on church mother clothes, Justin Trudeau got caught doing blackface, and damn near all of Southeast Texas is flooded!


Let’s get it!

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Faith Evans, the First Lady of Bad Boy Records, the widow of Christopher Wallace, announced something quite strange this week. At a celebration for the 25th anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G.’s debut album, Ready To Die. At this event, she threw out the idea she and Lil Kim–the professional girlfriend and side piece of Christopher Wallace–should go on tour.

On. Tour.

Now, I know that I am a woman of faith, but I don’t possess enough of the Lord, of have a ready enough supply, to go on tour with a woman that I caught naked with my husband in our bed. And fought her after seeing such–Faith mentions this in her book, Keep The Faith. No lie, would I go see it? Yes! But thing is, Lil Kim is more of an emcee than people give her credit for, and I always have liked her. The fact that she hasn’t been able to really move in that space of legend like most artists in that era.

It seems that if the world doesn’t consume women depriving them of options beyond just being fine, we are pitted against each other. Until enough time passes and people die, that both warring women are forgotten.

#MCU #DenzelWashington #Blerd #Geek #Magneto #MalcolmXWasMagneto #MarvelComics #Evolve #BendTheUniverse #MJIsBlackThisTimeToo

This, this right here? I AM FOR.

Now, I know that Magneto is White, Jewish and decidedly against anything that looks like mutants living quietly among regular humans. I know Michael Fassbender is doing an amazing job as portraying him! But, the idea of him? It is based on Malcolm X. The fact there is a rumble that someone is consider making this dramatic of a change to the MCU, with the addition of Captain America being Black, I am for!


One of the reasons Marvel Comics is so incredible, and fascinating, is the universe is ever-evolving! There is always something being added, flipped or revamped. Making, re-imagining, Magneto as a Black man? You cannot believe how thrilled I am about this. How my mind is pulling at the origin story: what should be added, what should be taken away.

I mean, while we are trying to push the envelope for change and growth, why not start here? I mean, MJ is Black now…so why not?

Besides, Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland made a cute couple in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Spider-Man likes Black girls….get over it.

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The worlds and spheres Beyoncé’s inhabits, that she orbits, she spins, are still determined to remind her of limitations. Her weaknesses. How Black everything about her is, and how detrimental Black motherhood and mogul persists are! How acknowledgment is equivalent achievement. That should be good enough. Separate, but equal. In the face of that, Beyoncé still creates. She still makes space. She now Mama and Nala and the creative power of The Gift. This is the resilience of Black women. The wisdom of the artist is what James Baldwin admonishes: “The goal of the artist is to disturb the peace.”

The wealth and worth of an artist is, nor will ever be, measured by people to whom they differ. The value of their work will not be held on the high esteem of people–haters and critics–insistent on ignoring it. The wealth and worth of artists is most often awarded through the grace of time. The earnest nature of creativity. Through harsh critique becoming acknowledgement. As it was said by John Wilmot, the brilliant (and debauched) Second Earl Of Rochester in the movie The Libertine (portrayed by Johnny Depp): “Your critics will come in two forms. The stupid and the envious. The stupid will love you in five years. The envious never will.” Let time factor which we all will become.

Sometimes my dearest ones, my #Torches, the most radical thing you can do is keep going. The world expects everything odd to die–or become invisible! Light, my Torches, is never meant to be invisible! See you next week!


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