Self-Care Means Realizing The Things You Deserve.

You owe yourself more than what you think.

Dearest ones, I want you to know one thing. You are more than what you think you are. You deserve more than what you think you do. The idea of self-care also extends to the things you don’t think you deserve—or you cheat yourself out of. Part of acknowledging your need for self-care is remembering your own value.

You deserve everything you dream about and that you are striving to get.

You deserve to be in every room that you fight to be in! You deserve to be recognized, encouraged and celebrated! You are worthy of all you seek! The trouble seems to always be in remembering this. Too often we get accustomed to fighting for opportunities, then feigning humility!

Stop that. Stop it now. Stop it 3 days ago.

Self-care acknowledges what you possess independent from the affirmation of other people. Self-care realizes your own value, tenacity and opportunities! It appreciates all you are, and gives you space to grow!

When you make the habit of owning accomplishments rather than playing them down, you begin to refill your cup!

You fill your own cup! You give yourself the affirmations you need, the reminders you need and the recognition of knowing ‘your own self is such a treasure.’

[images from Pinterest and Double]

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