Denise. Carol. Cynthia. Addie Mae.

On Sunday, September 15, 1963 in Birmingham, AL four Black girls were ripped from the world at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. All four are pictured here: Denise McNair, Carol Robertson, Cynthia Wesley & Addie Mae Collins.

Four little girls, ripped from the world.

All Black, all precious, forever little girls.

The right of life stolen

In favor of all things White

And hung to remind those

Whom were not of their places.

Their lives to be counted at

Fodder, kindling, for

The Fire Next Time,

This time.

As they were found together,

So we find ourselves the same,

Among the rumble of loss,

We still remember their names.

Cynthia. Carol. Denise. Addie Mae.

Forever together, forever this way.

Four little girls ripped from the world.

All Black. All precious. Forever little girls.

-(c)JBHarris, 9.15.2019

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