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SEPTEMBER HAS ARRIVED! It’s back to school time. The weather is changing, the world is shifting gears getting ready for the holiday season…there’s so much to do. The time is going to fly by and before you know it, we will be making New Year resolutions. It’s exciting and to be honest, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming. 

With all the holiday hullabaloo coming during the ‘do for all, whatever you can’ season we can easily forget to take care of ourselves. That’s when we get tired, eat poorly, slip at work–because we aren’t taking good care of ourselves. It’s not always easy to find the time. 

So here are THREE of my favorite quick self-care hacks!! 

1.) Take a long shower. Take the time to use those fancy scrubs you buy but skip over due to time constraints. Shave (or don’t!!), Slather that freshly scrubbed skin in amazing body butter and enjoy that fresh renewed feeling. It seems cliche but sometimes just being clean and soft can really improve your disposition. 

2.) Go for a night walk. I really enjoy walking at night. It’s cooler, it’s more quiet and peaceful too. A nice 30-45 minute walk in the cool air will really help you clear your mind and organize your thoughts while exercising that body and preparing you for a restful night of sleep. Beware of your surroundings walking at night. Keep your music low, watch for creepers. 

**If you’re unable to walk, sit by the open window in the dark. Breathe deeply in for a count of ten, and out for a count of ten. Do this six times. Repeat until you feel refreshed and calm. I haven’t always been mobile and that was helpful for me. 

3.) Spend time doing things you genuinely love even if they make you feel silly. I love coloring and jigsaw puzzles. They make me incredibly happy. I always feel satisfied with what I’ve created and I get a peaceful reset from the repetitive action of coloring and figuring out puzzles. 

Doing things you genuinely enjoy enriches the spirit. It refreshes the mind and breaks up the monotony of life. While navigating your own routine, please be sure to take good care of your mind and body. We cannot be any good to anyone if we are not good ourselves. 

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