The Power Of Good Sleep

Sleep is the best gift you can give your body and mind.
Get more of it.

Sleep is the only thing that everyone wants that we don’t give enough of ourselves. I am infamous for getting the minimum amount of sleep, because sleep was not advantageous to my ambitious nature.

The bad thing about this is your body is smarter than you give it credit. I call it the crash. Your body needs a set amount of rest to heal, to support functions and for you not to, I dunno, die! When you deprive of your body of restful sleep on a consistent basis, be prepared to sleep through alarms because your body with fight to get sleep.

Sleep is the on thing that we all need more of. The best thing in entire world is a bed you can sleep in, with clean sheets on it. There is magic in sleeping on a clean bed, and clean sheets! This is apparent even in current marketing culture. Febreeze (yes, Febreeze!) markets sprays and candles to promote better sleep!

I know that we all have jobs and responsibilities and kids and stresses. I get that. But you need you. This is why self-care is so important!

You need you.

Tell you a secret. I worked nights for like 6 years. The hardest thing to do what to sleep. My body clock was bullshit. On days I was off, I would just sleep because I would have 18+ hour days, and 3-4 hour naps. I got in the habit of showering before I laid down and making sure my sheets were clean. Melatonin (which is naturally produced by your body) helped. But the real old school thing that you need to be aware of –which has natural sleepy properties—is lavender.

You can get this as an essential oil, with Epsom salt or in the baby aisle! I swore by this when my children were smaller!

Lavender is a common plant, and you can find it anywhere!

Sleep deprivation is not something I recommend. The thing is there is no great thing in seeing just how far you can push your body. I promise you! Sleep is revolutionary because:

  1. It’s free.
  2. You can do it without asking people.
  3. You can find out what works for you and keep that same energy.

Adequate sleep, rest, decreases your chances of suffering from chronic diseases–the top three being heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Why? What is the magic? Your body has the time it needs to search out the stuff that shouldn’t be there. You are not in a constant state of stress–that nasty hormone cortisol isn’t coursing full force. That hormone is responsible for keeping you hype, anxious and ready to fight.

But…sleep? One of the primary jobs of sleep is to heal and reset. You wanna take on the world? Then, go to bed first.

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