Nikki Minaj is Mrs. Petty for real, TI is running game ExpediTIously, Azealia Banks is back being a Supertroll, Orange Thanos can’t read maps and Starbucks is opening a 4-story location in Chicago—you know where it is; and it ain’t on the Southside!

Let’s get it!

#NikkiMinaj #Marriage #She35 #FemaleRappers #EmCeesDoe #QueensRetire #SheWannaWifeLife #DoIt #IMean #LifeIsShort #ButWhyDoe

Look. Imma tell you now, I saw this coming. I really did. Nikki could not have possibly thought she could reign Queen FOREVER! And honestly? She does not make my list of top 5 female rappers. But, let’s move on….

Sis is retiring from music to be a wife and start her family. Y’all forget: Nikki is almost 40! If she wants to start a family, now would be a good time to do it!

On a pettier note—

Sis, you’re retiring now in the face of fighting with Cardi B, and a shoe got thrown? With the rise of Lizzo and Megan Thee Stallion? Now? After snappin on bloggers, chasing trolls all over social media and the new album Queen damn near flopping, fighting with Trina peoples and the BET Awards?

Aight, sis.

You not selling drugs, you making records. Take your money, invest it, and do what makes you happy, love. Only person you have to please long-term is you.

#TI #Expeditiously #Podcasting #MoveTheCulture #Forward #ApplePodcast #PodcastOne #TroubleManGotAPodcast



Meaning to do something with the utmost haste.

Was surprised in hearing that TI got a podcast? No, honestly. That cat always got something to say! What I didn’t expect was how much I liked it.

The premise of the podcast is speaking about topics in a way to move the culture forward. I listened to the first episode yesterday, and enjoyed it. The podcast at present is available on Podcast One and Apple Podcast, airing every Thursday.

The first show features Ice Cube and LL Cool J, so I was in! They talked about influences that made them get into music, family, Jay-Z and even being defined as ‘just a rapper.’

I’m here for Black men holding space and making space for other Black men to be heard. Follow this podcast. Do it expeditiously.

#AntonioBrown #NFL #WTH #HeToldHisBossWhat #Shenanigans #ICannot #OaklandRaiders

Y’all know I have not been paying any attention to the NFL.

None at all. And not pressed to watch a game—pro or otherwise. So, when I heard that the WR for the Oakland Raiders called his General Manager a ‘cracker’? And almost got suspended? And he’s guaranteed $30 million? And he steady acting crazy?


You making this money, Antonio. You are responsible to get to practice and whatever else you are contracted to do! You do not take a picture of your fine (which was totally preventable!), and put it on social media! You gotta understand them folk sign your check. Until you are able to sign your own checks, you have to do what is asked—that’s anyone with an employer.

There is enough madness in the world, Antonio. Don’t add to it. The apology is nice, but damn fam! Don’t mess around and mess your job up because you decided you couldn’t make it to work.

If you lose a guaranteed $30 million, you never needed the job which was going to pay you it!

My theme music for the rest of the year will be Money Good by MTS off her album, Fever. Issa whole mood. This week was—ooh! The world has gone crazy because the people in it are. Catch y’all next week.

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