So…The Amazon is still burning; the case against the dead Jeffrey “I got all b!tches and black books” Epstein is closed—only to find out it was ring of Madams under him that suddenly no body can find—which is odd; James Comey is telling on everybody, and the same US counterintelligence thinks Orange Thanos is either a plant or an unwitting agent. Guess which one I think.

Let’s get it!

#DAREYouToSaySheAintGOAT #TheGOAT #SerenaWilliams #USOpen #Tennis #BlackGirlTakeOver #SportsDomination #WhatYouThought #MyHusbandNeedsToHaveThePettyLevelOfSerenas


What is it like Maria Sharipova, to be WHUPPED, by the same woman in double digits? Then, not be able to beat her unless you cheat? Moreover, you get caught doping after accusing her of it?

I’m here and present for this, beloveds. HERE FOR IT! Serena Williams is one of the most formidable athletes on the planet. No angry lilywhite girl can change that; no stuffy, preppy white men drinking gin at noon who bang the help at private tennis clubs can stop it!

When she won that match, and her husband stood up with that D.A.R.E. Shirt?! I was done! Done! There is a level of satisfaction I find with this that can only be understood by other Black women. You work, you hustle, you outshine the nearest competition only have vipers come after you. It felt good to see her win —again—and her husband be the petty that only White men can be—for her.

#SimoneBiles #ThatsHerBrotherNotHer #Decisions #Actions #YouMakeYourOwn #Tragedies #Shame #SheIsStillALegend

My girl, fellow writer and oracle, Ashley Yates, says Black women take care of Black women. When I heard about what happened to Simone Biles’s brother? And seeing what the media is trying to dredge up about her? I became Mama Bear.

I remember Dominique Dawes and wanting to be her. I remember no other girl that looked like me doing what she was! Now, 20 years removed from being that young girl and remembering the Magnificent Seven, there is this deep joy I have watching Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas and Simone “Smiling doesn’t win you Championships” Biles.

But I know the nature of this nation: the lusting public loves to make heroes and remind them they are human. Especially, if they are Black. Black and woman. The trifecta being Black, woman and professional athlete.

Her brother is alleged to have killed three people on New Years’ Eve party last year. Media sharks are already pulling her into this madness, making comparisons between the lives of the 2 siblings. Yet, keeping Simone on the periphery of this because that is her brother.

We all know Simone was adopted. We know Simone’s biological mother was on drugs, and her children put in foster care. We know her grandparents adopted her and put her in gymnastics! We know the trauma! But what I refuse to do is be silent why media bandits try and stop her shine! He made those decisions! He did, not Simone!

Back up off her.

She put on Twitter that she was ‘eating her feelings, don’t talk to me.’ Chile, I completely Stan that.

#1619 #HistoryIsBloody #Writers #AmericanHistory #AuthorsMatter #TellAllOfIt #WriteTheWords #FightWithWords #MakeItPlain #ForTheAncestors #TheyNeedToBeHeardAndSeenAccording to honest history and honest historians, the first 20 Africans arrived near Point Comfort in Virginia. This was August 20, 1619. This marks 400 years as of last week. This project is essential due to the nature of America only telling history from a White supremacist-patriarchal world view!

This project is to force light and air to a subjects this nation refuses to face: slavery, classism and racism. They cannot be avoided, they are intertwined and in order to heal? We have to talk about it. Since English is the language of his nation, all retorts should be in that language for all to understand.

I Stan this project. It needs to be discussed. History needs to be heard by all whom where present! I mean if the South can’t get over it’s malignant obedience and involvement in chattel slavery, lynching, rape, peonism, convict leasing and black codes; we can talk about slavery from the vantage point of the enslaved.

I know slavery was around before 1619, any student of history knows that. But my ancestors, my people, life for them ceased to be there own after they were brought to a land and given nothing. Treated as less than human, bred, bought and stolen. I’m not worried about the rest of the world or its history. I am concerned about the nation that said all men where free didn’t see anyone that looked like me as a person. Prized little more than a dairy cow or a hog.

Once we can admit that, once the nation can be honest about that, this nation will never be what it was written it could become.

See y’all next week, loves! Don’t be distracted by the dark around you. Be light—that is the nature of a Torch.


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