Joe Walsh out here apologizing for fascism (but no one believes him), Lamar Odom AND SPICY (SNL pun-Melissa McCarthy is a jewel!), but China out here playing Big Bank take Little Bank! The Amazon is on fire and these Chicken Wars are out of control!

Get a boat, it’s deep out here!

Let’s get it!

#TheAmazon #Ecology #ThePlanet #WeJustHaveToBreathe #WeCantEatMoney #LandWaterPeople #Value #20PercentOfTheWorldsOxygen


The Amazon has been burning the last 3 weeks. Now, as is this posting, almost a month! There has been no mounted response from the US Government. I wonder why that is?

No, no I don’t.

The current king doesn’t respond to humanity—only capitalism. There is no god to him but himself and money! The crisis in the Amazon does not deserve his attention. Only because it will not pay him!

We only need to breathe. And as soon the illegitimate powers that be poison every stream, loot every bank, lock up every Brown or Black child, burn or cut down every tree—they will only be able to eat each other. As it should be.

#RBG #Noooooo #HoldTheSeat #SCOTUS #NoMoThanosAppointments #GodKeepRBG #Judges #Health #ElderCare #NineDontNeedToBeEight

Ruth Bader Ginsberg had surgery for a tumor on her pancreas. And she fell late last year and fractured a rib. At this point? Y’all, I just need this broad not to die! I remember what she said about waiting out President Barack Obama! Look, I’m not dumb! I just need her not to die. Clarence Thomas think he White and Sotomayor can’t do it all herself!

Goersch and Kavanaugh are on the take. With one of the Koch brothers dead, who finna sign checks now? I just need her not to die—at least for 2 more years! Jesus be a motorized wheelchair…

#ChickenWars #WTF #WhyLord #ItAintThatSerious #Economics #HoodPolitics #Popeyes #ChickFilA #DoBetter #YallMissingIt

A wise man said on Twitter said something profound about these would be ‘chicken wars.’ He said it is an example of what Black people do best—‘make White folk rich.’


Today, the outlet News One reports that Popeyes got $24 million dollars in free advertising! Like?!

That is staggering.

If we put that kind of support into each other? With that same energy? We would transform any space we get in! We could finance more than demos and CDs! Back in the day it was the revenue generated by number runners and other outside the box entrepreneurship that built Black businesses!

Then I saw a Black woman at Popeye’s snapping off about sauce on this cheap fad sammich—while someone recorded her calling the girl in the drive-thru a bitch (really?!) because ‘she said they were out of sauce.’

Man. $24 million dollars. That is crazy. I can’t wait until we as a people remember economics is always better than fads, J’s, posting selfies or likes and shares. It’s okay to be swept up in a fad, and enjoy being the part of something current. But, remember fads are just that. Popeyes is always going to have deals and workers for their franchises. Maybe, instead of always (Literally) consuming, we should get in on how to get a part of this capitalism through franchising.

If you can buy J’s, you can buy stock.

Look, if you need encouragement this weekend, Spider-Man: Far From Home is still in theaters. If you need more encouragement? Avengers: Endgame is on digital and Blue-Ray. Feel better? Good. I love you 3000.

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