In Mama Cat We Trust: The World Needs More ‘PotBangerz’

In the five years that I have known Mama Cat, I just learned her last name last year. I learned it when she got her honorary doctorate from Eden Theological Seminary for her community work. But if you spend five minutes in her presence, hear her laugh and speak? There is a warmth that radiates from her, that proves there is still good in the world. Potbangerz, powered by love, community, and Mama Cat, are some of the good in the world!

This is the mission of PotBangerz:

PotBangerz is a St. Louis based 501c3 family of community leaders who fight injustice by uplifting the community, meeting nutritional needs, helping our unhoused families navigate their way to permanent housing, and advocating for them when they need it the most. When we have rebuilt and transformed the lives of our unhoused families we can say mission accomplished.

Dr. Cathy Daniels–the mother, grandmother, Navy-wife, activist, chef–is of of the most incredible people I have ever met. And it took tragedy for me to even know her! When asked, Mama Cat will tell you what she does is just an extension of what her mother did.

Her mother would make food for her family, and make so much of it, that she would make plates. She would then take those plates out into the community: feeding who she saw, whomever was hungry.

So often, and so easily we dismiss the people who are hungry, homeless and needy. It is easy to forget how easy it is to show kindness in the form of a hot meal. The acknowledgement that someone sees you beyond an immediate need or circumstance. What Mama Cat has done in the St. Louis area is to provide hope where there was none before. PotBangerz builds community, provide resources, all while meeting the natural needs of all those she meets.

Such love, such grace and service is rare in this current climate. There are so many people that have used their experience in Ferguson (or lack thereof!) to build careers, be activist-famous, or be part of the next big social justice movement. Sustainable, real activism is not a fad! It is done day in, day out, without apology or need for grandstanding. It is done because there is a need.

Although. those needs are, and can be, many. Sometimes, you just need help, direction and strength for the journey. Then, there are times, you just need your Mama.

Thank you, Mama Cat!

For all the good PotBangerz does, it is not without cost or help. If you would like to donate, click here. If you interested in donating time, talent or energy to this awesome force for good, click here.

One thought on “In Mama Cat We Trust: The World Needs More ‘PotBangerz’

  1. Mama Cat is an amazing and loving person. Such a joy to be around. What she does in the community is from her heart and she gives all she has to sharing that love fully. What’s also dope is that she allows and welcomes love for herself as well. ❤️ ✊🏾


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