Jay-Z To Shawn Carter: A Hustler, Stays A Hustler–Will Remain A Hustler.

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!” -Jay-Z

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Shawn Corey Carter is 50 years old.

Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter, Mr. Carter’s wife, is 38 years old in September. At this point? He is old enough to know exactly what I am about to say.

Shawn, I think I speak on behalf of collective Blackness when I say:

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

Now, I know that for all his pre-mogul career, his pre-rapper career, before Solange became Nightcrawler from the X-Men and commenced to whuppin him in the elevator? In front of her sister? Yeah. He was a street pharmacist. An independent pharmaceutical representative. A yo-boy. A dope-dealer. But my favorite colloquialism for a drug dealer is always this: hustler.

That word has encompassed three things for me: resourcefulness, intelligence, and ambition.

I mean, I’m a hustler!

I don’t shy away from that title.

My goal is to hustle to the point that I don’t have to anymore. It’s that same mentality which drove Shawn to want better for himself. That is admirable: the come-up, the put-on is at or by any means necessary.

However, this meeting he had last week with Roger Goodell? This has all earmarks of Uncle Tom actions. Click here for the video. Notice two things in this TMZ clip.

1-Goodell says nothing about the NFL changing or committing to any form of social change. Goodell says nothing.

2-Mr. Carter keeps mentioning the phrase ‘the issue.’ Goodell doesn’t say what ‘the issue’ is. Neither does Mr. Carter say what ‘the issue’ is.

The issue is police brutality, and the killing of Brown and Black people. For him to say ‘we are passed kneeling’? I was livid.

On the 4:44 album, the track Family Affair, there is a lyric that goes:

What’s better than one billionaire?

Two. (Beyoncé says this.)

Especially if they from the same hue as you.

He’s a hustler–an opportunist, as most hustlers are. Now, with the information gleaned in the last 48-72 hours, knowing that he is trying to secure the bag in such a way that grants him some sort of ownership of a team? What kind of fools does he take the Black community for?

I am a vocal supporter of the securing of the bag. I am in favor of us as people becoming economically empowered and savvy; that is the second tier of any protest! I am in favor of Black people being at the tables and in rooms where legislation, economic influence, and change is happening. I saw none of that here.

I saw coded language.

I saw hedging.

I saw him doing just what hustlers do: make it happen, by any means necessary.

This meeting was a recorded PR stunt! It was a public absolution of the NFL as it relates to Colin Kapernick and the working 70% of the NFL employees: who are Black. I know that Mr. Carter has done a lot for the current social justice movements. I know he and his wife have bailed people out of jail, and try to empower people that look like them. But, this here? It would have made more of an impact if he had taken Kap. If he had taken Eric Reid. If he had taken an NFLPA union rep.

If he brought someone else, more knowledgeable about ‘the issue’ in the room with him!

Why not put this money towards the Know Your Rights campaign that Kap is involved with? Why not put this money to fight voter suppression? Why not begin to wield the trifecta of money, power and influence in the halls of power?

The real money? The real influence? That is politics, lobbying and legislation, Mr. Carter.

Just like he ran in there with the NFL Commissioner, and a throng of thirsty reporters ‘lookin like a owner’. Why not put things in position for this meeting so ‘the issue’ can be acknowledged? So, Goodell and the other owner-overseers know ‘the issue’ is beyond their apprehension and discomfort!

But, know this, Goodell represents the interest of the NFL. His job is to make sure people watch, people get drafted, and he remains commissioner. The NFL does not give a shallow, solid damn about social justice. About Black Lives Matter. About CTE. About DUI’s. About domestic violence. None of that.

The NFL is a economic juggernaut geared towards entertainment and profit. If the owners couldn’t agree to make Orange Thanos an owner? What are they about to do with the wealthy Negro from New York? The buzz is his ownership involvement in an actual NFL team is imminent!

Hustlers make money moves all the time.

But this here? This was all for him.

Now that this is on lock, it’s on to the next one for real. One day, we as a people will stop falling for this level of okey-doke.

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