What The Village Looks Like: The School, The School Supplies & Teachers’ Classroo

Support your local village!

It’s August and that means KIDS ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!


The end of summer is a bittersweet time. I’ve always felt the beginning of a new school year is equal parts exciting and terrifying. I was definitely excited to see folks I hadn’t seen all summer, but I was also afraid my new clothes wouldn’t make the cut. Or, that I would be bullied for my basic stuff compared to the ‘cooler’ on trend items my associates would be carrying with pride and smug satisfaction. The things kids preoccupy themselves with will always be entertaining to me. 

Reminiscing on my own childhood angst does remind me, though, that there are millions of children across the United States that will be facing the school year with: food insecurities, old poorly fitted clothing, no school supplies. There will even be some teenagers will face the fact their families cannot afford quality menstrual products and other hygiene supplies. 

It’s imperative that we do more for our children. It takes a village, yes? Yes, it does. Each city usually has a backpack and supplies drive that donates to kids in certain areas, but there will always be kids that get overlooked! There will always be more people on-line than can be accommodated by the amount of donations. 

In order to help fill the gaps, I would like to encourage people to donate things to schools in their neighborhood specifically. Even if you live in an affluent neighborhood, there are children at your child’s school that do not have everything they need!

You can donate boxes of hygeine supplies and menstrual products to your school’s resource/counselor’s office. You can donate funds to the school lunch program or pay off outstanding debts for students to eat! School supplies, coats, hats, gloves are a constant! Even clothing items like gym clothes and shoes (basic shirts and bottoms) are always needed. 

Teachers can use donations as well!

Classroom supplies: chalk, markers, staplers, printer ink, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, bottled water, first aid kits. Things like these are always in need. You can even access certain teachers’ wishlists online and fill a need for their classrooms (Go to Amazon.com and search for teacher wishlist you can search by name or view public lists and fill items from the lists).

I know that not everyone has the ability to donate but, many of us can donate more than we think! If you aren’t worried about bills or food, you’re far more comfortable than some of the people your child attends school with, regardless of the state of your checkbook. I’d like to encourage everyone to find at least one way to donate to a school near you this fall.

Our babies are the future of this world and it’s up to ALL of us to provide for them. 

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