Toni Morrison is an ancestor! Simone Biles out here still defying critics, physics and haters! Andrew McCabe told thee whole US government to run him his check, the President keeps proving his education was bought and these mass shooters, and ICE raids are proof gun control and self-control are not mutually exclusive!

Let’s get it!

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Toni Morrison is one of my writing heroes. It it her eloquence, her bending of words and language to her will which helped me to hone my own craft. I am a believer that writing is a revolutionary act! I feel it is right that the entire world is mourning her. It is right that The Guardian has posted her obituary!

How the does the world deal with the loss of a seasoned oracle? I am watching this now. I am watching how the world sees her, wished to see her, and realizes what it has lost. I have thought about my own work, and work have not yet created. Her death, in this strange way, has breathed more life into everything that I am doing—or planning to do. If you want to know the best way to honor her? Read something. Write something. And when you hear a question steeped in racism, answer as she did:

“You cannot understand how powerfully racist that question is, can you?”

#MassShooters #DomesticTerrorism #CallItWhatItIs #ElPaso #Dayton #Springfield #NoMoreManefestos #StopSweeteningThis #CallItEvil #GunControl #SelfControl #AnAR15IsNotARight #HowLong

I am so tired! I am so over these wounded little racist members of these Mayonnaise militias getting firearms and killing people! Killing people because the life isn’t ‘fair’ to them!

Fair. Fair?! 

Orange Thanos has empowered white fragility to the level of a superpower! Where these people believe they have the right to look at the world around them, see that it is not to their liking, and want to inflict violence on the collective society! Like we are the problem!

This is what happens when privilege and undisciplined natures combine like Captain Planet did back in the day! There is no reason for this! I cannot be made to understand this, and I cannot be to see this as mental illness! Some of this is just the activating of this racist programming! Whenever in the presence of equality, insecurity or perceived slights/inconveniences, this racist virus activates–and causes its knowing host to destroy all the known world around them!

Whypipo, please come get your relatives!

#ForCynotia #Love #Freedom #Life #Newness #TDOCLostOne #Rest #CyntoiaBrown #Move #OnTheMove #BeyondTrauma #GetThere #NextChapter

Cyntoia Denise Brown is free! I am overjoyed for her! And already the buzz is that she has a bae and is married. Good! I am tired of the world trying to limit and stifle women because of the trauma they experienced! Was what she did horrible? Yes. Were the circumstances equally horrible? Yes! But she has been given this chance to start over! Let her start over, please. Let her become the adult she desires, without the eyes of the world! I don’t want her prison pictures shown anymore! I don’t want her crime and its punishment to be the antecedent or predicated description of her name.

I want her to cease to be a number, a case file, a reporting of afflictions, and be Cyntoia. We owe her, life owes her, that one thing.

This was  hard week, y’all. ICE raids are the new gestapo raids. And one thing I need to mention is the Mississippi Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is taking donations for the children that were effected by these raids on August 8. Click here for more information. 

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