August Is Always Activism

This month, we at The Ideal Firestarter want and will draw your attention to causes you should support, people doing the work of helping to clean up the world, and the work yo can do to help pick-up the world.

This month is also the launch of the Be A Torch Sponsorship.

This sponsorship opens officially on August 31 , 2019. If you would like to know more about that this, please click here.

This month, we will talk about things that are important, needed and necessary. The basis of this month, which will always be near to my heart, is the attention needing to paid to police brutality and oversight be done. Also, I am old enough to remember the pandemic of AIDS, and remember crying because I felt helpless.

It is that helplessness that made me dedicate the month of August to activism. Thank you for all your support, and my fervent hope and prayer is that you find a cause to be involved with. That you won’t let the helplessness, the gravity of the problems presented, to immobilize you. The hope is that you are energized, and pay attention. If you pay attention, then you can never say no one told you. Or that you weren’t aware. You can no longer feign ignorance. After this August, you will go from being an unlit match to a Torch.

To be eligible for this sponsorship, you must be a #Torch! And follow us on either of these social media platforms:

Facebook: The Ideal Firestarter

Instagram: @theidealfirestarterofficial

Twitter: @firestarter_the

Jennifer P. Harris

Founder, Lead Administrator-The Ideal Firestarter

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