What You Must Remember

The last one. Here we go. This one to the Me I am soon to be. -JBHarris

Jennifer, the budding mogul:

Sis, I know you’re restless and angry and mad. I know you have more in you than people really get a chance to see. Trust me, Babygirl, the people that left you would have been dead weight!

We needed to be light for the flight.

I know it’s hard to think of your best friend of over a decade that stopped speaking to you. And the family you had been engrafted, leaving you. I know it was hard to push a vision that only you could see. It was hard raising the kids, being the wife and Mama Bear. It was hard supporting a spouse that couldn’t conceive of what you were holding—and pushing! And leaving another that couldn’t see who you really were–who thought reading was boring…

Forgive him, Jenn. He didn’t understand.

But look at what you’re doing! What you have accomplished! The blessing of the work you’re doing is you did it not worried about accolades. Not for money. Not for fame. You did it because no one did it for you!

I want you to know that’s the curse of being an Alpha Femme: no one checks on you because they think you’re okay. In making this brand, these companies, this work what it is, you decided to keep going. You decided to follow the path. You decided to cry and keep going!

You decided to work for what you saw, and ignore what people thought. You asked questions. You got mad. You pushed yourself into rooms, spaces and fought to be there! You drop kicked doors, and took people with you! You did behind the scenes things, and went to the forefront when you needed.

Now, look.

You’re in the position to pay college tuition for people. Write letters of recommendations. Produce plays. Start internships. And you have given God the glory the whole way–understanding exactly what is at stake, and what needs to be done.

This is what makes you formidable, Babygirl. Yes, you still are Doc’s Oldest Girl. This nickname will anchor you, settle you and remind you that you have more in you than people ever thought. You will look back on the earlier days of this storming chaos of building, crying, frustration and elation–and you will breathe deep. You will look at the faces of the writers that launched from your shoulders. You’ll look at them with their books on best seller lists. You’ll see the playwrights you funded. You will see the plays come to fruition, and the movies. You will see it, Jenn, and it will all be worth it!

Keep pushing. We got other people to push!

Remember the words of the Formation:

“You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious, best revenge is yo paper.”

It’s going to work, because you know how to work it.

We got this.

We have this.

I’m out waiting here waiting on you. Hustle Babygirl, Hustle.


You (age 38)

See you when you get there.

You, age 38

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