Robert Mueller is proving to be a Jedi Master, while Jeffrey Epstein tried to kill himself after less than a week in jail! Juanita Bynum has said that a pastor saw her drawls and then she couldn’t do her assignment, but kept his money! This week, this week right here? Beloveds, from the high of seeing the HARRIET movie trailer, the North Carolina A & T women’s swim team making history, to folk being mad about how brown a chick is doing the cover of BROWN SKIN GIRL off the new Beyonce’ LION KING album THE GIFT?! Whew! But, we press on.

Let’s get it!

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So, Harriet Tubman is part of my trifecta of historic Black women I have adopted as grandmothers. Her, Queen Hatshepsut and the pinnacle? Ida Bell Wells Barnett, whom I have named as the patron saint of The Ideal Firestarter. With that said, I am excited that a biopic about Harriet Tubman was even made! I didn’t think my grandchildren would even live long enough to see this happen! Futhermore, I know the woman whom will portray Harriet is not a descendant of chattle slavery; meaning that her family lineage doesn’t not include the the Middle Passage or any part of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade!

Fam, I get that.

However, do not fall for this okey-doke!

Don’t fall for this false outrage that a British-born Black girl is portraying the life of an icon! Don’t call for this madness of being indignant because a Black Brit and not ‘Black American’ that this role should not have been offered to her! I have seen writers I know ALL offended about this! Of my writing brethren, I say this:

Stop. Stop it right TF now. We don’t have time for this! There are too many things to write, produce, rewrite and publish! We don’t have time to dice up Blackness! The fact you are even participating in this dumbass conversation is a tool of white supremacy! Becoming Harriet Tubman, even having her depiction in a show like Underground, you have to see what is at stake if you fall into this! The goal now is creation-production-visibility. Would I personally have loved to have a Black girl on this side of the pond to portray her? Yes! And who’s to say there won’t be a better biopic that can be done? I mean, TOM CRUISE IS REPRISING HIS ROLE AS CAPTAIN PETER MITCHELL! Y’all better get off Al Gore’s innanet and get to writing!

LelaRochon #NicoleMurphy #ChileTheGhetto #ICannot #WhatTheWorld #WTF #MakeItMakeSense #RunLelaACheckSaveYoApology #MoreThanMoney #Marriage #StopMakingMarriageAJoke

First-for any man that has a mother, sister or girlfriend, don’t ever fix your mouth to say Lela Rochon–Mrs. Antoine Fuqua–deserved to be cheated on because ‘she let herself go’.

Second–Nicole Murphy got like 6 grown kids and access to Eddie Murphy money! If she ‘accidentally’ kissed this man? She has to know how that looks! She has to know that she is too old to be saying that she didn’t know! I cannot! I will not!

Miss me.

But I will add to this nugget to this conversation: people will only do what you let them. According to gossip sources (take that for what you will, Torches–I try not to make gossip a habit), Mr. Fuqua has had two (like more than one) outside children on Lela. That’s incredible. The other thing is, he trash. Nicole is trash and Lela deserves so much better than this. She deserves be with a man that loves all of her–regardless of weight! Women’s bodies change with age and children. The cosmetics industry is billion-dollar business dear ones! The pursuit of pretty is a whole beast! From surgery, lipstick, foundation to tattooing on of your eyebrows! If you have a flaw, real or imagined you can fix it if you have enough money!

To have this happen, and then Nicole calling herself apologizing? No. No, Madam. Not at all. Stop it. With all the smoke and snark I have for this, just know one thing. People cheat because they are allowed to or they want to. You cannot make anyone stay with you–no matter if your nickname is ‘Sunshine.’

#PuertoRico #MakeItHappen #TakeNotes #TakeNames #DontJustWatch #TheRevolutionIsHere #ItIsBeingTelevisedAndStreamed #FergusonIsEverywhere #WeGotUs

Viva la revolution!

The fact that what the media has named ‘the oldest colony’, a United States territory no doubt, the irony is not lost on me. The government of this colony, which is and has been comprised of American citizens, has revolted against the corruption of its gubernatorial body! I for one am glad that they did! I am glad that they saw the evil of those in power, choosing not to stay silent or helpless. I am glad the corrupt governor resigned. I am glad that the former mayor of San Juan is considering running for his spot!

I am glad this annexed nation did what the mainland refuses to do–depose and rebel!

What these protests have further teach me is the narrative will always be controlled, dictated to and for the powerful. It is still up to the people to check power, and be observant to their political landscape! This means being engaged in all aspects of civic liberty and rights–most treasured being, voting.

Puerto Rico gave me hope, y’all! Puerto Rico gave me hope!

Trouble don’t last always, dear ones! Remember, anywhere you are–everywhere you are–be a #Torch. See y’all next week.

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