Soo…airports were in the American Revolution? Cori “CoCo” Graff is out here looking like the young Venus Williams–and BEAT VENUS WILLIAMS! And folk are big mad Ariel us going to be Black! Ooh chile, the ghetto!

Don’t let Baby Donnie trick you outcho joy! Let’s get it!

#TheyDontWantNone #CoriGraff #Tennis #Phenom #BlackGirlMagic #Wilmeldon #WeHere #SpaceMade #SpaceGotten

Cori Graff beat Venus Williams. On the surface this seems mundane. Until you hear Cori Graff say that she grew up watching Venus and Serena. Until you look at the fact this girl 15. Until you realize that tennis, American Tennis, is being taken over by Black girls. The fact Cori beat her? That seems almost a side note.

Black girls are playing tennis. And winning. The Williams sisters weren’t the end. Just as CoCo is not the beginning! There is something humbling about this information, and the fact that she keeps winning. The tears I shed over this are from the vantage point of mother and visionary. I weep for her accomplishments because she deserved it. The part of me that is visionary wants her continue to achieve, to be and to have more success than Serena or Venus could imagine! I want her to keep Acing and breaking ceilings and being, continuing to be great!

#ChloeXHalle #HalleBailey #ArielIsNotReal #Mermaids #TheyWereMadAtBlackPantherToo #WhyCantSheBeBlack #DisneyGottaSeeUs

My favorite Disney movie was never The Little Mermaid. It still isn’t! However, the fact that Disney is doing live-action reimaginings is lit (I’m waiting for The Lion King!)! From that litness, we have Ariel—as a Black mermaid.

And people are flipping out about it! Just like these folk flipped about about all the blackness in Black Panther! Bruh. The racist internet wants to ‘keep the original integrity of the movie.’ Yeah, I’m sure. This is doubletalk for and from people that think Mary Jane Watson shouldn’t be Black either. That Black needs to be relegated to anything evil, monstrous and subservient.

Now, I am old enough to remember Splash!. I wanted to be a mermaid. I thought being able to swim and swim all day while having mystical adventures was incredible. But I never saw a BLACK MERMAID. I didn’t see myself in any Disney movie until The Princess And The Frog. And I was past the point of truly enjoying this. And thought Jasmine from Aladdin would be as close as I would get!

I am stoked for my daughters to see themselves in a screen. I am excited that Disney, after 90 years of Mickey, can give us some shine too. There will always be those that thing Black is nature’s default position, but the more treasure seekers and archeologists dig, the Blacker the world gets. And my sister, Starr, says, “We (Black people) been mermaids, and sorcerers and Queens.” Damn right, Starr. Damn right.

#WhoFree #Freeish #BlackInRedWhiteAndBlue #Holiday #WhatFireworks #WhatIsFourthOfJulyToTheSlave #MyIndependenceAintBeenRanToMeOrUsYet

“What is the Fourth of July to the slave?” Indeed, Fredrick Douglass. The current (imposter) POTUS is the embodiment of the intense need for the bigoted underbelly of this nation to feel superior! That is the problem of white supremacy: it has to be indoctrinated, reindoctrinated into every generation. James Baldwin said that because he loved this nation was the reason why he chose to criticize it! The fact that I am Black and American does not make me a sycophant. It makes me sentient–totally prepared to both question and answer. I enjoyed the day, and spent it with my children. Yet, when I heard the fireworks? I couldn’t help but think about the summer of August 2014. When the police and local government made the city (Ferguson) I lived in an occupied police state.

This week? The best word to describe it is: RAGGEDY. Why? There is too much going on in the world and people are too worried about the THOTUS going braless in the rain than the children that can’t brush their teeth. See y’all next week!

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