Why The World Needs More Dads

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Never think you aren’t needed…you are.

Its that time again! The time of year when we get to celebrate and congratulate our fathers!

I saw a post recently on Instagram that showed a someone handing her husband a card that said:

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but since its Father’s Day, here is a little something for you!

When he opened the card it literally said: DEES NUTZS with two almonds taped on the inside.

Now, some of us got a laugh out of that! I, on the other hand, found it quite sad. One of the female commenters stated:

men should always want credit for doing what they should be doing. There isn’t a reward for that!

My response–Why shouldn’t they? Isn’t this the reason as to why we celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day? To take time and show appreciation for both parties who take care of their children.

It boggles my mind that there are people who think that men don’t deserve as much recognition as women! There are tons of men who truly demonstrate what it means to be a father. They get up early with the kids; do hair for their daughters; feed them breakfast and take kids to school. They also go to work; help with homework; read bed time stories; fight monsters under the bed/in the closet; and get up day after day and do it all over again.

Just like mothers.

To these men, I truly salute you! I appreciate EVERY EFFORT that you make to be an amazing Dad. You are patient with us as partners and make time for us, while doing equal amount of the work for the kids! You complain less and truly step up as a protector and provider for the family. Your presence in your child’s/children’s life is truly unmatched.

It is something about when a woman says: “I am going to tell you Dad.” That will make a child to get their little premature life all the way together! You exemplify the true definition of what our ancestors could only dream for us.

In closing to our courageous men, this month of June, we honor, love, adore and are grateful for ALL that you do.

Society gives you a pass and says that you can leave whenever you want. That you can help to make a baby and leave right out the door without a care in the world—but you didn’t do that. You stayed despite that. When society gave you an out, you stood your ground! You let your morals, the core of who you are, stay firm for you.

You showed up when even we push you away.

You never left, strayed away or ran from your responsibilities.

Even when you didn’t have all the answers or words to say, your presences spoke volumes.

In this month and every month, I humbly say: Thank you.

To all of the fathers with love and adoration!

[image from everydaypower.com]

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